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Childish team

Posted on 08 Feb 2018 @ 4:07pm by Lieutenant JG Iria Walon
Edited on 09 Feb 2018 @ 4:29pm

"Computer begin log." Iria's voice sounded slightly muffled as she spoke.

The chirp sounded and Iria started with her log.

"So Tamara, Jorie, Samuel, and Rhett had a very loud disagreement complete with raised voices hands gesturing, in MY office. Which is a mess, I certainly didn't leave it that way when I left to stretch my legs. I came back to find them yelling, I stood in the doorway; trying to figure it out for a good five minutes before anyone noticed I was in the room. Tamara did a comical double take and froze her mouth hanging open, Jorie turned cursed, in German which was pretty funny now that I think about it and then covered her mouth with her hands. While Samuel and Rhett turned around and blushed before they lowed their gaze to the floor." she took a deep breath and a thump sounds and she mutters a curse of her own.

"BLEEP... BLEEP... So yeah I sent them out of my office to go help in Sickbay, between that and now I cleaned up the mess they had made, though the broken coffee cups under my desk were the last bits and I just gave myself a good bump while crawling out from under my desk." she puts the broke cup pieces in the replicator to be recycled. "Great day and from what I was told Lt Winchester got badly hurt to the point of needing a prosthetic arm, which means he will need counselling for that, the injury and whatever else he has issues with because from his file he doesn't come in for counselling if he can avoid it. So that might be interesting to the point of having to drag him in. I would much rather not but if it comes down to it." she sighs, rubbing the back of her head.

Feeling a bit annoyed at this memory of her team she closed out the Personal Log "I am going to Sickbay to be sure this bump is nothing to worry over and then talk to the childish folks on the counseling team to find out just what happened in here for my plants, paintings and coffee cups to be broken." An exasperated sigh, she is obviously shaking her head as he walks out. "Eng Log" Iria commanded and the computer made a chirping sound indicating that the log was saved.


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