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Duty Log: Captain Jasmine Somers

Posted on 25 Jun 2016 @ 3:12pm by Captain Jasmine Somers

- Captain's Ready Room -

"Start Duty Log

Two weeks has passed since we arrived at UneXplored System 2355874; and it has been uneventful, the marine in me is not liking it, but the fleet officer in me is happy for this. The first of the three class M planets in this binar system orbits the outer yellow star that is vastly smaller than Sol; around this sun are two planets and only one is habitable, the Class M has an insectoid race on it, they are cautious but quite friendly and they knew of the Borg."

She paused as she got herself a drink, as she set it to replicate it Jasmine continued.

"The said Borg signatured were indeed faint and their decayed level went back five hundered years or more, I recommend that further exploration of this planet be started with EVA suits, until a more perminent protective injection can be given to away personal, due to some hostile isotope that is damaging to humanoid life after a prolonged period on the planet. Upon entering this system we detected a Pre-warp space faring species, I estimate that their tech level is equal to that of Earth during the early 21st Century, but still Pre-warp so the Prime Directive is in effect."

With the drink fully materialized along with some food Jasmine returned to her desk and sat down and took a bite then continued.

"After we finished up on this first Class M we came out of our hiding place in the outer corona of the smaller sun and made a large detour around this Pre-Warp space station making sure all stealth defences were active and the ship was on silent running until we passed the space station. As we progressed deeper into the system, scans were done of the various gas giants and other rocky bodies. WE have detected Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune class gas giants and some Pluto type dwarf planets. We eventually arrived at the second Class M planet, I assume the third one would be on the otherside of the larger sun, which is bigger than Sol, the planet we took up polar orbit of appeared to have once had advenced tech, but it seems to have retreated back to an earlier tech level, it would seem that its at the late 1800s earth era."

Another Pause as she took a few more bites of her food and another drink.

"Currently we are scanning the planet, but strangely the only reason we know the third Class M exists is due to the radio and visual transmissions we are getting, I believe it was known as Television. This advanced planet is on the opposite of the primary sun, so I am guessing that contact between the two planets was either lost over the years or there are two seperate species living on both and only one may be unaware of the other. It would be remiss of me to believe the more advanced planet knows of this one and thus have their own form of the Prime Directive. More scans need to be done and more data gathered on the species of the planet we are orbiting before I clear an away team to go planetside.

End Duty Log."


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