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being grounded

Posted on 27 Jan 2018 @ 12:27am by Lieutenant Paul Winchester
Edited on 27 Jan 2018 @ 12:27am

Personal log of Paul Winchester

Begin Log

(Paul looks at the viewer) "Today I was informed by the captain that I am to be grounded for good due to the hand /eye coordination of my new artifical arm that was fitted by Doctor Cahill who by the way I do not hold a grudge against for doing this, "(Looks at the reader again) "how would you feel if this was done to you?" (asks the question to the reader)

He paused for a moment.

He continued "At first I was angry with him until a few officers who came to see me including the Captain," (walks over to the replication unit and taps in a command) He said, "they made me realise that the Doctor had done all he could for my lost arm,"

He paused yet again.

"But I know that I will have a lot of rehab to go through to get the arm functioning correctly,"( machine starts to hum) "But it was Lt Coro who gave me the kick up the ass and made me come to my senses about this and I'd have to thank her one day," (Drink appears on the shelf) He continued one more," But a funny thing whilst the Captain visited me, She mentioned another position had opened up was looking at me to fill it,"

He paused again.
(Paul walks back to the viewer) " I wonder what it is?" he asked the question looking back at the screen, "anyway, we have to work out the way home, but be for now I have to find the Doctor and speak with her,"

End Log

Lieutenant Paul Winchester
USS Tomcat


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