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New arm

Posted on 18 Jan 2018 @ 10:33am by Lieutenant Paul Winchester

Personal log of Lieutenant Paul Winchester

Begin recording:

due to being in a alternate universe my fighter squadron and I were sent to investigate a stricken freighter, whilst we were doing our scans of the stricken vessel everything was going fine, that was until we were jumped by another set of fighters and a dog fight ensued.

I sent a call out for reinforcements when a second set of fighters arrived outnumbering us, after we had driven them off and we headed back to the Tomcat, my fighter started to react as if the damage had been worse than I had thought. upon landing my throttle jammed open and I came in fast and heavy and crashed and in a bad way.

Apparently to save my life Doctor Cahill removed my mangled arm and has replaced it with a cybernetic one and knowing my luck I'm going to have to see the councillor to see how I'm coping with the thing.

End Log

Lieutenant Paul Winchester
USS Tomcat


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