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Stealthy Construction

Posted on 08 Jan 2018 @ 5:05pm by Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Edited on 13 Jan 2018 @ 7:06pm

"Computer, begin recording a personal log," Dodd asked of the computer.

The computer chimed that is was starting to record.

"Today the captain came to me and asked me to create a stealth covering for two shuttlecraft. I was surprised because just before this mission, I was reading about 20th-century earth aircraft and was fascinated by the Stealth Fighter.

So that should be easy enough to recreate and improve upon with our level of technology. So I have assigned five of my staff to work on this. Petty Officer Jaxson, Ensign Spoak, Petty Officer Johnson, Petty Officer Nable, and Ensign Tollar have all reported to the Engineering Lab to start work. Tollar and Nable have worked in this area before so they are the ones taking the lead with this assignment. Jaxson, Spoak and Johnson are three of my newest engineers but I know they have what it takes to get the mission accomplished in a timely manner.

They have a good foundation to start from and it is just a matter now of really getting the material replicated and then applied to the shuttles. I will even have Pril work on helping to reconfigure the energy systems of the shuttles to sort of concealing the exhaust of the shuttles. That way the exhaust should not show up on any sensors and cause any detection.

I do hope that with what lays ahead of us, that my staff is able to help keep the crew safe with their sensor scattering material.

Well, I better get back to work myself. Computer, end recording." Dodd stated.

The computer chimed it was done recording and Dodd when about his duties.


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