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Personal Log

Posted on 19 Dec 2017 @ 3:34pm by Major S'arila Donovan

After her Counselling session S'arila found out, much to her dismay that she had been assigned to Commander Sterling's team to locate where she was initially found, she was not looking forward to it.

"Computer activate personal log recording, Major S'aria D'Tana Donovan" she began and when the beep sounded she began her Personal Log.

"Just come from a Counselling session, I think Lieutenant Walon was more unsettled by the images she saw that I was if her mental voice was anything to go by, but she hid it well and did her job admirably, do not think I could be so composed if the roles were reversed. Still arriving in this reality, was unexpected, last time I was here I lost a good friend on earth. When I found out that the same person was alive and well in my new reality I was happy, but surprised to find that I did not exist in that reality, or if I did I was still on Trelor Prime; which I found out later was alive and well out by the Taurus Dark Cloud Nebula, but the Captain's reality Trelan's were a bit Xenophobic and reclusive, so not much was known about them or their civilization, I could not help as genetic memory and records do not tell on how a society is."

She paused as she took her tunic off and draped it over the back of the settee.

"While I was in this crews reality, I was relieved to have lost my telepathic ability, but I did not expect to get it back upon my return here, it was a bit daunting to be bombarded with everyone's thoughts all at once, it was those existing in this reality, the ships crews minds were surprising orderly and quiet. Still, imagine my surprise when our chief engineer entered my mind, I have flashbacks of my younger self-speaking to him in my mind, how bizarre it was to remember fragments. I do not know if I will retain this ability when we finally return back to the other reality, but if I do not keep it, I will not miss it none, telepathy is more trouble than it is worth."

This time she paused to replicated herself a mug of Klingon coffee and after taking a sip, she sat down and pulled up some files, which had to get done, but left them as she finished her Personal Log.

"I am a little uneasy about going down to Trelor Prime to try to locate the place where my father found me all those years back, I have no memory of the place and I cannot really count on my genetic memory. I envy the other species that do not have genetic memory, if I could find a way to lose my genetic memory I would, perhaps then I will not be so burdened with memories that are not my own, still, time will tell. As for our current unexpected mission to my home reality, I am also worried that the remnants of Starfleet will try to commandeer this ship and crew to fight in a battle that is not theirs, something tells me the Captain will not allow that to happen. As for the remnants of Starfleet having the resources to help us is doubtful, so the responsibility of getting us a way back relies on Science and Engineering Departments, this is one of the times I am glad I am a marine not and Engineer; Computer End Log" she finished and the computer beeped signalling that the recording had stopped, now she played the log back and listened to it, to see if anything needed amendments added.


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