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Personal Log

Posted on 19 Dec 2017 @ 3:02pm by Captain Jasmine Somers

During the long journey to the New Xindus system, Jasmine entered her Ready Room and sitting at her desk began a Personal Log.

“Computer start Personal Log,” Jasmine said and paused until the beep indicating the computer was ready.

“It has been three weeks since we were pulled into this nightmare reality we soon found out that it was the reality Major Donovan hailed from. Her debrief all those years ago when I first met her, did not do this reality justice. I know that we have only seen the tip of the iceberg, but if the outer borders of the Federation or former are any indication, then the core worlds will be devastated.”

She paused.

“We are currently on route to New Xindus, apparently the Xindi are full members of the Federation in this reality and in typical rebellious Xindi fashion they are fighting to the bitter last and reports have reached me that all the surviving forces of Starfleet and the Klingon Empire have added to the system's defence. What is so surprising is how vicious the Dominion is in this reality, I dread to think how we in my reality would cope if this same thing happened, but luckily for us, our Dominion is not that nasty.”

Another pause.

“I place this reality as worse than the Mirror Universe, which seems benign compared to this one. We journeyed to Major Donovan’s home planet Trelor Prime, she may have grown up on earth, but she was found down on Trelor Prime. Reports of what was found were startling, I hoped our away teams would find some information or tech to help us return to our reality, but on this, there was no luck. What our science team found was disturbing, while the planet showed nuclear winter signs and the after-effects of a devastating conflict, a chemical signature was found, which seemed to have made the effects worse than they should have been. I would have liked to have kept the teams down on the planet longer, but due to the adverse environment my people could only remain down there for six hours in EVA suits, so priorities had to be made.”

Jasmine paused and walked over to the replicator and got herself a mug of tea and took it over to her desk and sat back down again. “Where was I? Ah yes! After finding nothing and with our Klingon cloaking device successfully fitted we are currently under cloak on our way to New Xindus, I figure as we are in another reality and the rules are different, I think that we can get away with it. Also the fact being that even though the Tomcat has had a SIF and armour and shields upgrade, the ship is still and Akira class and can only survive so long in combat alone even with fighters deployed, I am hoping that we can find a way to get home with the help of the Federation remnant in this reality, but I am not holding out too much hope on that as their resources will be low, I am more worried that they will commandeer my ship regardless of how we got here, I will not allow my people to be reassigned, but still it is not going to be easy, I just hope that my people can find a way to get us back to our reality.”

She paused as she finished her mug of tea and walked over to the reclamation.

“Computer saves, encode Personal log and end” she added and a moment later a bleep was heard indicating the log was done, now she returned to the bridge.


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