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Alternative Thoughts

Posted on 26 Oct 2017 @ 3:15pm by Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Edited on 31 Oct 2017 @ 11:08pm

"Computer, begin recording personal log," Dodd asked of the computer.

"Personal Log, Recording." the computer replied.

"The cloaking device has been installed and I am in the middle of researching a way to keep the deflector shields functioning while we are cloaked. Otherwise, all go for when we need the device.

I have assigned Clay to be the primary engineer working with the cloaking device, and that keeps him on the ship during this mission. Machado is his back up. Taggert and I will then cover if anything happens and those two are unable to perform their duties.

I really wish I could have been assigned to the away team, as I would like to learn more about what this reality is all about. From what data I have been able to find, the Ullian species was wiped out long before this reality's Federation discovered them. So that would mean I don't have a counterpart in this reality, which I am sort of relieved about, but at the same time saddened.

I have wondered about what my counterpart in an alternate reality would be like. I have read all the accounts from past crossovers from what is called the Mirror Universe. I have imagined the Dodd from that universe would be serving for the Klingon Cardassian Alliance as an interrogator. He would be using our abilities to probe the minds of prisoners and traitors to get them to confess or share plans. I think he would look a lot like me only with a scar to two and maybe an earring and a beard. I actually don't think I would want to meet my counterpart in any reality.

I have been working long hours and keeping busy to help keep from reading thoughts randomly. Working with Walon has helped and I look forward to our sessions. However, I am feeling things for her that I don't want to act upon while she is helping me maintain control of my abilities. Telepathy is great but the reaching into the memories is the hard part to control. She is doing a great job helping me and I am appreciative of all she has done so far. However, I feel I can never love anyone again after what happened to my last relationship.

Well, I need to get some sleep and get ready for the next shift in engineering."

"Computer, end personal log. Stop recording." Dodd stated to the computer.

There was a beep and the computer stopped recording.


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