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A Shroud of Mystery

Posted on 11 Oct 2017 @ 5:46pm by Petty Officer 2nd Class Timothy Nelson
Edited on 24 Oct 2017 @ 3:19pm

"Computer Start Recording Personal Log." Nelson requested of the computer.

"Personal Log Recording." the computer replied.

"Today was sort of exciting. I was assigned the primary engineer of the cloaking device that Machado and I had to install in secondary engineering. Not sure how we got a cloaking device or why we have it on a Starfleet vessel, but I am happy to function as the primary engineer for the device. Machado noticed it was Klingon in origin and Taggert confirmed it was when she helped us to install a translation box for the device to recognize commands as well as for it to direct the ship's systems to go into cloaking mode.

Chief Dodd was not able to answer any of our questions about why we have this cloaking device or how we came to have it on our ship, but it is an honor to have the trust of the chief to be in charge of maintaining this device for which the ship does depend upon in this strange realm.

While Machado and I are working well together and I never thought I would be bonding with a Klingon, he is becoming a good friend as well as a great working companion. I know he doesn't have many friends, so I am going to invite him to go hiking with me on my next chance. Pril will not be on that hike so we can get some bro-time and really get a firm friendship established. However, one thing is that he will see me in all my glory as I just can't hike without being naked.

Well back to my assignment on this mission. I will be in secondary engineering for most of my shifts with remote access to many of the ship's systems. Machado will then cover me when my shift ends or for breaks and such. I am going to be wondering why we have this and won't be able to think about anything else when I am not on duty.

It is sort of funny in a way. I am temporarily assigned to oversee the cloaking device which is also in a shroud of mystery. This mysterious device had its own story to be told and I do hope to figure it out. But in the meantime, only a select few of the engineering staff member is aware of it being on the ship. Chief seems to have knowledge of it but won't talk, Taggert seems to also know something but it is likely only what Dodd has shared. I bet the captain knows the story of this device, but I don't know if she will tell any of it. Then Tjaansz knows about it and Machado does as well. To my knowledge that is all that know about the device. I am thinking maybe we will get an announcement from the captain when we are going to use it and maybe we will all get more information at that time.

Well, I better get some rest and shower before my next shift. Computer, End Personal Log." Nelson concluded his Personal Log.

"Personal Log Recording has concluded." The computer replied.


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