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Wild Day

Posted on 16 Aug 2017 @ 6:42pm by Petty Officer 3rd Class Kara Pril
Edited on 04 Sep 2017 @ 5:05pm

"Computer, Please start a personal log," Kara asked of the computer.

"Well yesterday was so busy, I didn't get to record a log, so I will use this one to talk about yesterday.

I will admit that I slept in my own bed two nights ago until I was tossed from my bed to the wall when the Tomcat was pulled into a spatial anomaly.

I got up and got dressed, brushed my hair and teeth and then headed for engineering.

When I got to engineering, I found Chief Taggert working the pool table and assigning teams to tend to the repairs. I noticed that she was hardly dressed but all the power to her for tending to her commitment to the ship. I know Chief Taggert wanted to get the department organized before Chief Dodd arrived. She did a great job. Once I got my assignment, I had to get a tool and when I went to get it I saw Chief Dodd had arrived and was talking to Taggert and he clearly was not expecting to be in engineering as he was only wearing an old pair of sweatpants.

Well, I must admit that when I saw Chief Dodd with a bare chest and his hair astray, I was a little taken by it. However, Clay is more my type but I would have considered Chief Dodd had he maybe not been my chief.

Well, I witness Dean and Hatcher commenting to one another about Taggert's lack of a uniform and they were disrespectful and vulgar about it. Chief Taggert is a good person and deserves all of their respect. I don't think she had any idea what they were saying and I bet if she did, they would not be appreciative of her comments back to them.

Well, as for me, I am really concerned and hope we can get home from where we are. I know a lot of strange things have happened yesterday and I feel that today will be one wild day. Stranger Things have happened to our ship and so we will rise above it and make the best of it."

"Computer, end personal log." Kara requested of the computer.


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