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Sense of Duty

Posted on 16 Aug 2017 @ 6:13pm by Petty Officer 3rd Class Ramon Machado
Edited on 04 Sep 2017 @ 5:04pm

"Computer, begin personal log." Ramon directed to the computer.

"I wanted to go file and log this so I have a record of it happening."

"Yesterday, I reported to engineering after being violently tossed from my bunk as we were swallowed by a spatial anomaly."

"Upon my arrival in engineering, I saw LT Taggert and she was sorting out the chaos of what happened and directing the staff to repairs and such. She was only in her underwear but she was still calling the shots. So I figured to go with it. She sent me to help with the antimatter containment and I noticed that Dean and Hatcher were discussing what they would love to do to Taggert and it was really disgusting."

"I attended to my duties and noticed in passing that Chief Dodd was standing next to Taggert and he was also very out of uniform as he only had on an old pair of sweat pants. But yet no one I know made any rude or disgusting comments about him."

"So after I finished my duties assigned to my by LT Taggert, I approached Dodd who was now in uniform. I told him about what Dean and Hatcher have said about Taggert. I explained to Chief Dodd that I was not wanting to be a tattle tail but out of the respect I have for LT Taggert, I wanted LT Dodd to know what was said about his assistant chief."

"I really like serving on the Tomcat and Chief Dodd and Taggert make Engineering a great place to work, as my previous assignment in engineering on the Concord was terrible because the chief engineer was only out for glory and did not show concern for her staff. It was as if she had to above all of her staff. No wonder that ninety-five percent of her staff transferred in the first year of her assignment."

"Chief Dodd runs engineering as if it is a team that stands alone while still interacting with the ship as a whole and thus I enjoy serving on this ship. LT Taggert is just as good as Chief Dodd and doesn't treat us as any different than herself. She likes her job and it shows. Dodd and Taggert do make a great team and I know our Engineering staff all appreciate them or at least all but two of the staff. I know Chief will deal with Dean and Hatcher but I had to get this all off my chest so to speak."

"Computer, end personal log." Ramon requested of the computer.


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