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Stranger Lives

Posted on 16 Aug 2017 @ 5:58pm by Petty Officer 2nd Class Timothy Nelson
Edited on 04 Sep 2017 @ 5:03pm

"Computer, Begin Personal Log." Clay asked for the computer.

"Yesterday started a weird cycle of events. So I figured I would try to log some of the strange things."

"I was sound asleep and dreaming of a long hike in wilderness of the Brazilian rainforest of the mid-sixteenth century on Earth, before man really had any foot print in the area. The my dream was shattered when I was flung against the headboard when our ship was sucked into a spatial anomaly."

"So I got up and got dressed and headed for Engineering to offer support to current crew on duty since I awake. I arrive in engineering to find LT Taggert in her underwear but running the show. I respect her to not let her attire affect my thoughts, so I jump at the orders and get to work. If anything seeing Taggert out of uniform only made me wish I was not in my uniform as I feel more free in the buff. But I digress."

"I then saw Chief Dodd enter and talk to Taggert and he too was out of uniform. But I know he likes to sleep in the buff as I do, so I realized he was more concerned with getting to Engineering than getting in uniform. I tend to my duties and when I return I see Machado talking to Dodd about what two of the crewmen had said about Taggert. I can only imagine what he will make them do for being disrespectful."

"Specialist Dean and Engineering Tech Hatcher are the two worst staff in Engineering. They are sloppy and don't really show any respect for anyone. I think they know Chief is telepathic so they do their best to not think of things when he is around but they are disgusting behind anyone's back."

"Dean and Hatcher were on the ship prior to Chief and so I think they didn't like the new guy coming on and taking control. They really don't like that the assistant chief is a female either. They are always so rude and gross with how they talk about Taggert. She is great at her job and she is not a bad person off duty either. I know Pril seems to like her and would like to arrange a double date sometime with her and her partner."

"I am sure today will be different as we are in a realm where we are not detecting any signals from Federation or Starfleet and that is a little unnerving. I am very nervous and hope that we figure out a way back to our universe and that we all get there safely."

"Chief Dodd and I were going to go mountain climbing this afternoon and I bet that is off now with all the "Stranger Lives" happening in this realm we are in. I will likely be pulling longer shifts to help out."

"I had found an old Earth television show in the data banks about a group of kids who befriend a girl that has strange powers and can enter a strange realm. The group help this girl hide from a government group while the portal between the strange realm and their realm is still open but yet there is a monster from this other realm that hunts for food in the normal realm. I only have seen a few episodes but I feel that the things in that show are not any stranger than the lives we are living now."

"Well, for now I will get some breakfast and head to Engineering for my shift. I only hope that we get home safely and then I can spend time with Pril."

"Computer, save personal log." Clay asked of the computer and then walked to the replicator for his breakfast.


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