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Ramsey Log #1

Posted on 19 Jul 2017 @ 11:57pm by Ensign Charlotte Ramsey

Well, I have finally arrived at the Tomcat after quite a lot of moving about. Sadly, Starfleet wasn't able to get me a straight shot to Sierra 39. I had to hope quite a few freighters and starships before finally getting here. I'm not quite sure what to expect honestly, it's not like there was a lot of information to glean about the ship and the crew.

I did have some unique experiences on some of the freighters. Federation space is pretty spread out, and in some places, we had to use contracted tankers. There was this one Bolian freighter I got stuck on that smelled worse than a Borg vessel.

The captain was nice, but most of his crew did not want to talk to me or do anything with me. I spent most of my time sitting in my room reading The Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

I tried to read the Starfleet biographies on my future crew mates, but that was very difficult. I mean, they are just dry biographies that Starfleet puts into the LCARS system, but you can't tell who someone is by what is in there. Just a list of achievements, positions, and education.

Oh, my alarm just went off. It looks like it's time to report in and let people know that I finally made it here alive. The computer system has been updating all my information and getting me all settled. A lot of it is automated, but I still have to get a physical and get my security clearances added.

I wonder what the Captain of the vessel is like, I think her name is Somers, but I'm not quite sure just yet. So many facts swimming in my head and I'm just stressed with all that I have to do. This is ridiculous.



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