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Promotion and Current Thoughts

Posted on 12 Jul 2017 @ 8:48pm by Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Edited on 12 Jul 2017 @ 9:35pm


Well, I got a promotion to full lieutenant. I am grateful for the promotion and will continue to work to better myself, the engineering staff and the rest of the ship.

I also was very happy that Taggert got promoted from ensign to lieutenant junior grade. She really deserved it.

What was really the most amazing part of the awards ceremony was the Blue Diamond Award my Engineering Department received. Without Taggert and the rest of the staff, the department would likely have not won such a grand recognition of their dedication. I am happy to be the Chief of Engineering. However, I am wondering what else I can do to benefit the Tomcat. I will continue to work and give my best. I only feel that I am meant to do something more for the ship.

For now, I will wait for Dr. Walon to get back to me for working out a network of other telepaths on the ship so I can chat with them and work to keep better control of my abilities.

I feel that Doya will be a big loss to our ship once she transfers to Starbase 39. She was really doing a great job in Damage Control and the last mission really had her on her toes. However, since Pames wound up in a coma, it has really gotten the best of her. I will be personally helping get her gear to the station and get her settled before we depart for our next mission which I do understand is to start almost as soon as we get to the station.

Well, I had better go, as I only came back to my quarters to change clothes so I can cover the night shift in engineering to give some of the others a night off.



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