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Everytime she is near....

Posted on 23 May 2017 @ 5:16pm by Petty Officer 2nd Class Timothy Nelson

PO2 Timothy "Clay" Nelson is in his quarters after his hike with PO3 Kara Pril.

"Computer, begin personal log."

The computer beeps and starts recording.....

"Today, I went for a long over due hike. I programmed a tropical forest from Betazed and set the program to have no humanoids present. I did it that way so I could really feel more in touch with nature and not have the computer have a character pop up on me while I am unclothed.

However, I had been hiking for about twenty minutes or so, when Kara somehow bypassed my lock and came in on my program. I was very upset that she came in but I was very happy to see her. I have been holding back my feelings and trying to find the time to approach her for a date.

She could not see that I was completely naked as a large fern blacked me from her full view. She came in with a picnic lunch and was prepared to hike with me. But I did tell her that I only like to hike for fun if I am naked. She was a little shocked to know I was naked other than hiking boots on the other side of the fern. She asked if she could still join me and I said she could if she agreed to get naked as well. To my surprise she got naked and joined me.

She was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. I admit that I have not seen many naked women but the few I have, Kara was more beautiful than the rest.

So we hiked about eight miles before she wanted to take a break and asked if we could partake in the refreshments she brought for a picnic lunch. So we found a little clearing of sorts and she got a blanket out and laid it on the ground. We sat and she opened the pack to reveal fresh pineapple, grapes and strawberries along with cold fried chicken and an old earth favorite, potato chips. She even had iced cold water as well. I told her the only thing missing was some sweet tea but that I would rather have water while we were hiking.

She blushed a little and it made her whole body slightly more pinked. We were really having a great time and the fact that we were completely naked other than hiking boots, did not even occur to us. We talked about got to know each other and I will admit I am already head over heels for this Trill, named Kara Pril. I hope we get the chance to explore this relationship more intimately and that it will not be a problem for us to work together if things go awry.

So after we ate and picked up the area, we started to hike some more. Nice thing about being in a holosuite is that you don't have go back to your starting point so you can see new scenery.

We hiked for about other hour to hour and a half and then got dressed and left the holosuite. Ran into Ensigns Taggert and Tjaansz off to go for a swim. But anyway, we really got to know each other and I asked her out again on another date to do something more her tastes and I am open for anything with her by my side.

So now I am about to shower and get dressed to attend the meeting, Chief Dodd called for all the engineering department to attend. I think he just wanted to get us all together to tell us his views of what happend and so forth. I like Chief Dodd and I am proud to serve on his engineering staff. He would be a rock star if he could keep this meeting short as I am exhausted.

Well, better get going, as time is ticking away."

"Computer, end personal log."

The computer beeped and stopped recording.


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