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Captain’s Personal log

Posted on 22 May 2017 @ 4:21pm by Captain Jasmine Somers
Edited on 30 May 2017 @ 2:58pm


Jasmine was in her quarters where she decided a Personal Log was long overdue so she paused while she gathered her thoughts.

"Begin Personal Log."

"During the course of this current mission, I have suffered fewer losses on the Tomcat than the first time we were here, I would have thought that the inner system would be far better defended than the outer system. What I found surprising was how hard the Pirates fought for the outer system, I mean I lost a lot of officers on that mission, but we managed to capture the facilities and a surprise capture of a Nor class Starbase."

"To this day I do not know why or how the Pirates got hold of a Nor class Starbase, or how they got it into the asteroid field, it must have been a pain to get the station set up. Still, my contacts and SFI have no idea, but both surmise that this system must have once belonged to the Cardassian Union long before the Federation extended this far out, the equipment on the base when we first captured it while updated somewhat, it was still vintage by current Starfleet or Cardassian standards. Since Starfleet has taken command of it the systems have been updated and overhauled, but still, the mystery remains."

She paused as she got herself a drink and returned to her work desk.

"As for this time around, while we lost a lot of ships and crews, all of which is sad, we did locate a long lost Xindi Avian colony, I sent a report back and Starfleet diplomatic Corps said they would contact the Xindi High Command. Apart from that I made it a point to leave the planet alone especially as we had bigger matters to contend with, there were about four waves of Orion ships all made our forces pay for every cubic of space we captured, but capture it we did. As for the crew, while all but a few were Tomcat veterans, the new members performed excellently and in a manner befitting Starfleet officers, I am very proud of them and hope they will get used to my idiosyncratic way of doing things."

She took another pause to take a swig of her drink before she continued.

"Major Donovan reported on the conduct and performance report on Lieutenant Dodd, she recommended a slew of awards, most of which I agree with, but just because I agree with them, this does not mean he will get them. Still, while her report was informative, I had a feeling she omitted something from it. Still all the crew have performed well, not long got some news that I have some specialists waiting to board at Starbase 39 Sierra, I wonder what the Officer is like, I have yet to get the officers file *sigh* no matter I will find out when we get there, now I have to work out who is to get promoted and who is to get awards, a Captain's work is never done, I do miss lots of free time to relax, but I suppose relaxing in this system will always be hard, computer end log"

With the Personal Log finished Jasmine returned to sorting our who would get what, she had time as the ships was in stationary orbit of Hydaransz 4, she had teams on away missions so those would take time to return, so while they were out and Dodd had his engineering teams making temporary repairs she decided to catch up on some dreaded paperwork.



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