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New Beginings

Posted on 15 May 2017 @ 6:03pm by 1st Lieutenant Aaris Parry

Begin Personal log:

"I am getting settled into my temporary quarters here on Starbase 39 Sierra. It is a small room but I hope I won't be here long. Word is I have been assigned as the Marine CO of the 95th. This is a huge honor for me personally. To be assigned to such a illustrious group is a huge honor, but to be their CO is mind blowing to me."

"I wrote home and told mom and dad about the assignment I am going to try and get a video chat with them this evening now that I am moved in here. It has been a long time since I have been back to Earth, but such is the life I choose."

"Now that I am stationed in the far south the thought of heading home and actually getting to see them is fleeting. I try not to think about stuff like that. I concentrate on my tasks in front of me that I have direct control over."

"As I look over the roster for the Tomcat I was surprised to see Major Donovan is the leader of Bravo unit. This surprises that he was not given command of the whole of 95. Maybe he was and didn't want it. It could prove difficult to have a Major under me in the chain. I suppose as long as we both have the same goals we will figure the rest out."

"Even sitting here doing this log it is not lost on me exactly the responsibility I am embarking on. I think back to all of the COs I have worked under. Both the good ones and the power pushers. When I take time I can honestly say I have learned from each one. It has helped to mold me into the leader I hope I turn out to be."

"Looks like Deck 7 is Marine country on the Tomcat. I have looked over some layouts and while it is a smaller vessel and the 95 is a rather large group I think we should have plenty of room. Still not sure how long it will be till they make their way here but I have to be ready to hit the ground running. With its reputation I am sure the amount of time they are stationed here will be very short and I have to make sure I am up to speed as soon as I board."

:End Log


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