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Returning to normal?

Posted on 03 May 2017 @ 6:20pm by Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Edited on 23 May 2017 @ 3:42pm

"Begin Personal Log:

I had been serving as a member of the mission to the surface of Hydaransz 4. I had been given the request to send an engineering staff member of my choice to partake in the mission, but I felt it was safer to take the mission myself and leave my staff intact on the ship.

I have learned a lot about Major Donovan and the Bravo Unit while on this mission, but I have also learned a lot about myself. The surface was interesting as we touched down near a mountain. I had to set up a perimeter to secure a landing zone. Then I had to establish a command center and communications station.

While I was with Private Jones, who was assigned to my as my guard, we got caught off guard by a group of Orion’s but with some quick thinking, Jones and I were able to get them stunned and take their leader prisoner. We should have killed them, but I was not ready for that in my conscience just yet.

Anyway, I was asked to secure the prisoner. Major Donovan was going to try to get information from him, but he was not cooperating with her at all. I was pulled into play "Good Cop" and the prisoner agreed to talk to me because he didn't want to talk to a female. So I started to talk to him and all he wanted to do was chat. He did not give me any information to help the advancement of our mission. This is where I learned something about myself. I started to telepathically probe the prisoner's mind and next thing I knew, I had unlocked my Ullian genetic abilities and found myself reading his memories. I was able to get the necessary information and save our mission as well as the lives of our troops. However, I left the prisoner with the mind of a child, that over time should correct itself but I didn't realise what I was doing as I wanted to be part of the success of our mission and not part of the failure.

While I was part of the success, I believe I suffered a personal failure for not controlling my ability better. I have never done anything like this nor did I plan to do it. I was caught up in the moment and angry with the prisoner for playing us like fools.

As we are en route to the ship, I decided I would add to my log to say that I will make it a point to meditate more often to keep better control of my Betazoid/Ullian blood and to help me not let go of my telepathic abilities. I know I need permission to use it openly, but I do a very good job keeping it intact without incident.

Now as we approach the ship, I am looking forward to seeing Rocky and feeding him as I am sure he is very hungry since was to be fed two days ago. I am also looking forward to all the reports awaiting me when I get back to my office. I know things will be in good order as Taggert does a great job and I am glad she is my assistant. If I was a betting man, I would bet that Engineering will be as spotless as can be. Taggert is who I would have sent on the mission to Hydaransz 4 if I didn't take it myself. She would have been a great benefit as well, but I felt that if there was danger involved that I should show how willing I am to get my hands dirty as well.

Well, I hope I can get some down time to go meditate and maybe use the holodeck for some relaxation in a program that recreates Risa. I also would like to get all my engineering staff together for a meeting to let them know how proud I am of them all for keeping the ship running smoothly while I was gone.

End Personal Log"


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