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Ready Set Action.....

Posted on 27 Feb 2017 @ 11:24pm by Petty Officer 3rd Class Kara Pril

-Pril's Quarters-

=/\= Computer activate recording of my personal log. =/\= Kara stated and then the computer beeped to start the recording.

"Well, I am so enjoying this assignment. Already really getting to feel like I am part of the larger picture. While I would have still been waiting to be joined with a symbiote, I am living life and seeing parts of the universe I likely would not have seen.

This mission should be a great one as we will likely get to deal with pirates. I know it is not a good thing, but to be on the ship in the sector where we will hopefully defeat them should be historic enough for my first mission.

I do miss Trill and my pals from the academy, I am making friends with my crewmates. There is one in particular, that I think is always flirting with me and so for now I am playing hard to get as I don't want anything to mess with me keeping my head in the game so to speak.

I am getting ready to head to engineering for my shift in a few minutes. Today I will be working with Chief Dodd as he is always rotating who he works with so that he will eventually get to work with every member of his staff. He was once in my shoes and because of that I hope to gain lots from him. I do know he can sense my thoughts so I always try to block my thoughts about him. I have found that I have been dreaming about him lately and yet he is not the one that has been flirting with me.

Well, enough of this, I really should be getting to my duties and now that I am ready, I better get set to my awaiting actions in engineering.

=/\= Computer, stop recording and save log. =/\= Pril stated as she grabbed her PADD and headed out of the door to her quarters.


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