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Captain’s Personal log

Posted on 23 Feb 2017 @ 5:33pm by Captain Jasmine Somers

"I have to admit that after being briefed on what our next mission was going to be I was both surprised and shocked. After all the last time my ship entered the Hydaransz system I lost a lot of good people, too many and despite everything that has happened since I find that I am somewhat apprehensive of returning there. I mean the original hostiles there were cyborg pirates, not Borg, but still cybernetic, they looked like they tried to copy the Collective. And failed, while each Borg drone was capable of independent action while remaining connected to the collective, these cyborgs were pure drones and thus twice as deadly. The Collective was/is dangerous but the cyborg pirates were deadly, I have a strong notion that the leader of these pirate drones is still alive as the queen we found on a ground assault was a minor leader.

So when we get nearer the more habitable planets I have no doubt that we will once again encounter these deadly cyborg pirates again. This time it will be different as the enemy will have a big hate on for us, then we have the Orion’s to worry about I am glad we have more ships backing us up this time and troops. It was a shame the first time around we only had a limited number of attack ships and a whole shed-load of marines and all we managed to do was capture a rogue Starbase and the outer planets, but the only bright spot in those planets was the minerals they contained. Now we have allied ships backing us and over a dozen Klingon ships, four of the Klingon B’Rel’s are shadowing us cloaked, to fore and two aft, note to self-pass along the channel that will link the sensor telemetry from the Klingon ships to the Tomcat. As with the new crew, we have taken on, all I think will work out fine, despite his instructor experience Lieutenant Jekkar is still a nugget.

Still, he has good ideas for security matters and I am glad that he is the new CoS, I am unsure on Sheela since I promoted her, she does not seem to want to get too involved in command staff matters. I promoted her as she had earned it and that it would open up more avenues for her to gather Intel, as a Lieutenant Commander and my CIO she has her own methods of getting Intel. Granted some of her methods give me kittens on times, but she gets the job done, she tried to hide that she is in contact with her handler. That is fine as long as she keeps me informed of any dangers or such to my ship or crew or even Federation sectors, who else she reports to is no matter, as I know that when she came to the Tomcat, she had some prior baggage. I am content to let her think that I am still in the dark as to what she does and whom she speaks to. My new Doctor has proven herself in non-combat areas, she is competent at what she does, recently I tried her out on helm, while she was capable, she was not interested, so I offered Lieutenant K’Tel the ACSO post as a secondary duty as that will have her more involved than just a plain doctor. I only hope she settles into her secondary position.

Lieutenant Dodd has proven to be a major asset in the short time he has been with us, I have not seen such good work or dedication since Lieutenant Tsmel was my Engineering Chief. His Assistant Ensign Taggert also new is very capable, a little green around the gills, but she has promise. Lieutenant K’Muss on the other hand, is all over the place, shortly after we arrived at the jump-off point he requested some LOA, so now I will be assigning Major Donovan to act as acting MCO, perhaps then I will put a call out for a new MCO, time will tell. I just hope all goes better than last time, my fears of what lies ahead in this blasted system haunts me, but those of us who still serve on this ship from the last time at Hydaransz system need some closure.

On a closing note, I never thought I would find a suitable replacement for Major Markov as my First Officer he was a fine officer. Nevertheless, when I chose Commander Sterling to be my new First Officer I find that she is as much of an asset as Anton was, but unlike the good Major she is not a marine, still as the ship is still transitioning from a marine commanded ship to fleet, such changes are good. My CMO is still somewhat of a mystery to me, I cannot quite get a read on her, she is the opposite of Commander Swiftpaws, that she is a fine CMO I have no doubt, that she is very capable I cannot deny. Still, with all this she is a puzzle, our crew assessments provided information, and there will be some who will be getting promoted at the end of this mission.

End Log"


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