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Getting to work......

Posted on 21 Feb 2017 @ 10:19pm by Petty Officer 2nd Class Timothy Nelson


-Personal Quarters-

"Computer Start Personal Log" Nelson stated.

The computer started to record once Nelson started speaking again.

"I am starting to get more familiar with my duties and the layout of this ship. While I did do a week of training on an Akira class, I never thought I would be assigned to one. I also never thought I would be assigned on a posting that would have me so far from everything I really knew." Nelson stated to the computer.

"Computer, pause." Nelson commanded the computer.

He as so nervous that he was doing things wrong, but he was realizing the chief engineer was sort of taking him under his wing. He wanted to make sure that he did not let LT Dodd down.

"Compter, resume." Nelson stated for the computer.

"I do like working on this ship and all the comradery of the rest of the crew. I do enjoy my solitude from time to time but not that I am part of a larger entity, I think I can recall what it is like to be part of a family once again.

I really do miss my parents, or at least what I do remember of them. It has been twenty years ago today that I lost them and my siblings in that accident. Twenty years ago my life changed forever, and then today it changes again as I am about to embark on the first major mission on my first real assignment.

The chief engineer is a nice guy but I don't think he will give me any issues. So far he seems to be there to help me before I realize I need some help. I wonder what he thinks of me or the rest of his staff. He seems tight with a few of the staff, but then he seems like he is still trying to find his way as well.

Well, I had better get back to engineering. I do hope to get to the holodeck soon for some skinny dipping in the cool tidal pools on the Western Sea of Pacifica." Nelson stated to the computer in a sort of chuckle.

"Computer End Log and Save." Nelson commanded of the computer.



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