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Log 2

Posted on 31 Jan 2017 @ 8:29pm by Lieutenant Remington Dodd

-Chief Engineer's Office-


"Computer start recording personal Log." Dodd commanded of the computer then he heard a beep to indicate for him to start his log.

"It has been two weeks since we left the starbase. I have the utmost confidence in my engineering staff. Ensign Taggert, my assistant chief, is amazing and keeps very busy tending to all sorts of tasks. I have a few minutes in my office while I wait for her to arrive for a meeting.

The captain is wanting to have work around situations for all of the ship's systems. Also, she wants to have back up access to the warp and impulse engines and a very secure system in place for the ship's computer cores.

I know Taggert will be key to help get this order done. I know what needs to be don for Life Support, Environmental Control and the warp engines. I feel comfortable with Taggert taking the lead on impulse systems and most of the other systems. The Computer Cores will be tricky as we need to keep a constant access to them until the last possible moment. I may have to write a subroutine that will lock out the computers in specific situations with specific personnel able to override. May need to speak to Commander Sterling on this one.

Well, I will enjoy my triple chocolate hot cocoa and wait for Taggert to arrive."

"Computer end personal log." Dodd commanded.



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