Specifications - USS Tomcat NCC 62114



Class Akira-Heavy Cruiser
Role Marine Support/Light Carrier
Time Between Refits 10
Time Between Resupply 5


Length 464.43 meters
Width 316.67 meters
Height 87.43 meters
Decks 26
Mass 3,055,000 metric tons


Officers 100
Enlisted Crew 400
Marines 125
Emergency Capacity 1000


Cruise Speed Warp 7
Maximum Speed Warp 9.8 for 12 hours
Emergency Speed Warp 9.95 for 6 hours

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields Ablative armor
Deflector shields type IX
Weapon Systems 6 Type MK Xa Phaser Arrays split between dorsal and ventral areas, 3 forward firing Quantum Launchers one Rear Quantum and one quantum Launcher on Port and Starboard, at the bottom of the saucer section.
Armament Uprated - 6 Type-X phasers, 6 Quantum torpedo launchers, three below the saucer, one aft of the the Saucer and one facing Port and Starboard respectively.

Also had a pod with 6 forward facing Photon torpedoe launchers and three read firing Photnon torpedo Launchers.

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 2
Shuttles 10 work bees
10 Federation shuttlecraft
5 shuttlepods - Rear of Command section top of saucer - aux shuttlebay
Fighters 36 fighters - Valkyrie Class
Runabouts 4x Danube Class Runabouts
1x Venture Class Scout