S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (Main Story)

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Mission Info

Status Upcoming Mission
Description Cestus Solar system Cestus 3 and surrounding space Race: Gorn Other Races: Pirates Key NPCs: Astrid Lingard - Civilian - Simmed by Winchester Admiral Harrison - Good Admiral - Simmed by Somers Admiral Parker - Bad Admiral - Simmed by Sterling
Mission Group S03 Ep 1: Family of Slaves (Main Story)
Start Date 01 Jan 1970 @ 1:00am

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Mission Summary

Paul receives word from one of his former flames Astrid Lingard who had contacted one of his relatives so that he could help her find has her own daughter who has been kidnapped along with another 16-year-olds are being shipped to Cestus by the Gorn, Paul then asks Admiral Harrison if the Tomcat can be sent to rescue the Orion girls, and stop the weapons that they are trading Paul will find more intel on the cartel that is supplying the women and the weapons and as for the Gorn they have become the scapegoats of this operation.

The Gorn are used to be the heavy lifters of the crew carrying the crates and making sure that the women are kept under control, but the main crew are human who has lost faith with the federation and its ideals. The Orion girls are used as pleasure givers and are not allowed to think for themselves. Since they have been taken from their homes and forced into this life.
Along the way, Paul meets one of the slavers who wants out of the business and is willing to become an informant for Starfleet intelligence and hands Paul an encrypted data disk that will hold the trade routes that he knows about. Paul will ask him to remain inside the business so that Starfleet can keep tabs on the cartel and try and free as many of the Slavegirls as possible.
However; Admiral Parker who tries to halt the mission is using the funds from this venture for his own private agenda, the intel we find upon the freighter leads us to a name “Hades 31” the question is who are they and what do they want and what is the Admiral to them
Those that we do save will become the waitress in the bar on the ship to give them a new life outside of being pleasure slaves and being treated as sentient beings. The main objective of this mission is to disrupt the trade route and destroy the weapons and the second objective is to free the women.