S03 Ep 1: Family of Slaves (Main Story)

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The Situation is that a group of girls have been kidnapped and trained as pleasure slaves by Orion women and then sold as a front for the illegal trade of weapons throughout the sector and must be stopped at all costs and also the Gorn are being used as the heavy lifting whilst the Pirates look on smiling.

Admiral Harrison gives the green light for the mission, meanwhile, Admiral Parker gets wind of this mission and tries to halt the Tomcat from leaving the base, With the Admiral following the Tomcat, it turns out that the admiral Parker is using the freighter to fund his own organisation Hades 31. An organisation dedicated to destroying the Romulans once and for all.

Group Post Count: 38

Included Missions

S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (Main Story)

Post Count: 38

Cestus Solar system

Cestus 3 and surrounding space

Race: Orion Slavers

Other Races: Pirates

Key NPCs: Astrid Lingard - Civilian - Simmed by Winchester
Admiral Harrison - Good Admiral - Simmed by Somers
Admiral Parker - Bad Admiral - Simmed by Sterling