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OOC Stuff

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S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (Main Story)

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Cestus Solar system

Cestus 3 and surrounding space

Race: Orion Slavers

Other Races: Pirates

Key NPCs: Astrid Lingard - Civilian - Simmed by Winchester
Admiral Harrison - Good Admiral - Simmed by Somers
Admiral Parker - Bad Admiral - Simmed by Sterling

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S03 Ep 01: Family Of Slaves (incidentals)

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for Incidentals

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General Sim Postings

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For Posts that run alongside main storyline missions, but are not actually part of them, though they can coincide with events in those missions.

This is mainly for Non Mission Critical postings.

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Season 2 Episode 2: The New Frontier

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The USS Tomcat is sent into unclaimed space to map an unknown Solar system in more detail.

Mission Briefing:-


After dropping off its cargo and the crewmembers that will be leaving and welcoming a new member to the crew the USS Tomcat is assigned a mission of Exploration out to as of yet an unexplored Sector outside of Federation Territory but close to the Xindi.

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S02 Ep05: The Avian Flew the Cukoo's Nest (Incidental Posts)

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Posts that are part of the mission but run parallel to it.

S02 Ep02: Incidental Mission

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For all IC Incidental Missions

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S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Main Story)

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The USS Tomcat and her crew find themselves in an alternate reality where the Federation is practically non-existent and Starfleet is a Shadow of its former self. The mission takes place around the Xindi system as it is the last bastion of the Federation, Donovan who came from this reality give all the crew a briefing.

S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)

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Incidental Missions

i.e. side missions that are part of the mission, but not with the main part.

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S02 Ep05: The Avian Flew the Cukoo's Nest (Main Story)

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The Tomcat is assigned to explore a planet that once housed a colony of the Xindi Avian Species due to some abnormal readings coming from the planet. What happens is an away team consisting of Dodd, Donovan. and at least five others (a member of the archeology team, a member of the geological team, a member of the Intelligence team, another engineer - Tjaansz, and maybe a member of security) are on the surface and somehow fall into a rupture in time and are suddenly stuck in the past of the planet and become prisoners of the Avian Xindi. And thus have to figure out how to get back home to the correct moment in time as to not disrupt history and start a war.

The Mission was created by Lieutenant Remington Dodd Chief Engineer on the USS Tomcat

Part of Season 2 Episode 5: The Avian Flew the Cukoo's Nest (Main Story)

S02 Ep03: Once More Unto the Breach (Main Story)

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A Year or more after an aborted mission into the Hydaransz system the USS Tomcat lost a few good men and the extra marines they had with them most had been lost. However, in the end, they managed to capture a Cardassian-built Starbase they called Omega and since then they had managed to secure the outer system, which included the Deuterium Mines. There is a heavy presence of Federation Alliance members there this includes the Klingon’s. For some a return here will have a bad memory for others it will be an experience.

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S02 Ep03: Once More Unto the Breach (Incidental Posts)

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Incidental Posts

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