The Sim

The USS Tomcat Simulation is a Semi non-canon RPG that uses elements from canon Trek and infuses them with non-canon. Some species and units are unique to the Tomcat simulation, they have been since I took command. While some are based on Real entities that once existed, they do not go past this sim, well not from me. Capt. J. Somers CO USS Tomcat

The Tomcat is a Fleet/Marine commanded ship, while it is marine orientated she does have Fleet officers serving on her, i.e. NOT marines. Unlike other Akira class ships the Tomcat is a sub-type or modified, as in she has 3 Squadons of Valkyrie (Kaeneda) class fighters each Squadron has 12 fighters. There is a Fleet Squadron where the CAG is a fleet Officer, a Marine Squadron pilots of the 95th and a Klingon Squadron. The ship mainly patrols the border regions of the Mira Sector, but does occasionally do missions deeper in Federation space....

Currently her missions are set in unclaimed space and the ships major base of operations will be Starbase 51 which is being constructed on the border of Federation/Unclaimed space whose nearest planetary system is New Xindi Systems and the Talarian Union and the Neutral planet of Galen IV

See Map:

To Be Updated