The Sim

The year is 2393 and the USS Tomcat is a modified Akira Class Heavy Cruiser/Light Carrier equipped for Special Operations and has been going for 7 years. It is a slow Simulation ideal for those who want to Sim at a leisurely pace but like all Sims it has rules and guidelines, if you are tagged you have 3 days to respond if not tagged then if you can insert your PC where you are added it can be done, so if you are interested in any position please PM me. Now it is a Sub Class to the standard Akira Class is the Emergency evacuation maximum load has gone down from 5k to 1k, with some other internal modifications to account for extra Marines.

The ship can accommodate 500 Marines and their equipment plus their shuttles and ground equipment, the Marines on the Tomcat are Rifles from the newly reconstituted 95th Rifle Regiment. The ship currently has 125 Rifles serving on her, and I am looking for someone who knows how to do MCO duties as I want to develop the Rifles on the ship. The Marine Commanding Officer on the Tomcat takes more of an active role in missions, unlike larger ships or Starbases due to the size of the ship.

So if you like a casual paced Sim, please PM me, I start my Department Heads at Lt, Jg and their Deputies at Ensign, other positions and ranks are available. The MCO and MXO on the Tomcat takes an active part in all ground assault and SAR missions, so there is a mix of Filing and action to be done. Other Positions are I encourage the Sqn Leaders to choose a second position, as at least they can keep busy when not flying.

The Tomcat is a Fleet/Marine commanded ship, while it is marine orientated she does have Fleet officers serving on her, i.e. NOT marines. Unlike other Akira class ships, the Tomcat is a sub-type or modified, as in she has 3 Squadrons of Valkyrie (Kaeneda) class fighters each Squadron has 12 fighters. There is a Fleet Squadron where the CAG is a fleet Officer, a Marine Squadron pilots of the 95th and a Klingon Squadron. The ship mainly patrols the border regions of the Mira Sector but does occasionally do missions deeper in Federation space...

Currently, her missions are set in unclaimed space and the ships major base of operations will be Starbase 51 which is being constructed on the border of Federation/Unclaimed space whose nearest planetary system is New Xindi Systems and the Talarian Union and the Neutral planet of Galen IV

See Map:

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