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Warrant Officer K'Muss

Name K'Muss

Position Warrant Officer

Rank Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species caitian
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft2
Weight 170
Hair Color white with black stripes
Eye Color blue
Physical Description On the taller side
medium build
fur/markings of earth white tiger


Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally down to earth individual. Laid back most of the time
Can get irritated at lower ranks acting like "rockheads" meaning stupid to be stupid

Strengths & Weaknesses s-Honorable
Knows his job

w-can get over confident
can get too irritated at times
Ambitions retire from SFMC
Hobbies & Interests Earth literature, 20th to 21st century


Personal History Born on cait to artistic family

primary school on cait

secondary school on USS Archer-Galaxy class
parents signed on as ships artists

High school, USS Archer

enlistment in SFMC
Basic on Earth

assigned Qonos

Assigned USS Dax-Nebula class

command training

USS Tomcat

Service Record

Service Record Starfleet basic training, SFMC Training Center Parrris Island, earth
graduated rank of Lance Corporal

assigned Garrrison Duty, Federation Embassy, Klingon homeworld
2 years
ending rank Corporal

transfer to shipboard post

Marine squad leader 3 years

took part in boarding action-Hostile freighter

command training

USS Tomcat
guarded armory as NCO in charge

transfer to command training rank Sergeant

Simming History

Date When Started Simming 2006
List of Previous Fleets MFU Currently-JFC

CO USS Axca independent