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1st Lieutenant James O'Donnaghue

Name James "Berserker" O'Donnaghue

Position Squadron Leader 1st Flight (Rebel 1)

Rank 1st Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/ 1/4 Vulcan
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 126 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Ice Blue
Physical Description James stands at around five feet and 7 inches, small for his fathers family. But what he lacks in hight he more than makes up for in muscle mass,Broad shoulders and ratehr big built arms. James is very much like his uncle craig, in the fact that he has a bigger upper body than he does lower. He has the classic pointy ears of his mothers race, But save for that you would never of guessed he was part vulcan.

off duty james tends to wear blacks and reds, old converse trainers and and beanie hats, much like his father used to when he was his age.


Spouse NA
Children NA
Father EJ O'Donnaghue (Commodore)
Mother T'pranath (Half Human and Half Vulcan)
Brother(s) Rian O'Donnaghue (Starfleet Command;Commander)
Sister(s) Rebeckah Isabella O'Donnaghue
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview James is your typical O'Donnaghue, bold, crass, and a little bit crazy! Unlike his father EJ, James is more like his uncle, some actually claim he is more like Craig than he is EJ both in looks and personality! Aggressive, Unrepentantly protective and well hard to handle at the best of times! James and Rian are two very different people, James is more than ready to stand up for his siblings in fact more often than not James is the one protecting rian from threats, because well rian is an idiot! Underneath his entire brahs and crass exterior is a man just wanting to give love to the world.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Head Strong
Hand to Combat
protective streak

Looks before Leaping
Dreadfully Sarcastic
Always looks a little angry
Ambitions To Gain a command of his own one day
Hobbies & Interests Boxing
Gym work outs
Jiu Jitsu


Personal History James Montgomery O’Donnaghue the second son of EJ O’Donnaghue, Born into a Starfleet family, James had little choice but to follow in his father's footsteps, he was born on the USS Starbow, a galaxy class ship, His father and mother were both serving aboard and were married after his older brother Rian were born, Unlike rian, James spent all the time in the world with his father.

James went on to join Starfleet Academy, majoring in Helm control, all of EJ’s boys followed in his footsteps. He attained full marks on all of his tests, much like his brother he was assigned to the USS Arlington for his academy tests, The Arlington was not only his father's first assignment, but his uncles and his aunts. The Arlington was what EJ Liked to call his first home,

After his cadet training, he was assigned to the USS Arlington full time, as their chief helm officer. Dylan saw so much of craig in James, that every once in a while he marched James down to the armory so that he could blow off steam, Dylan was actually James’s godfather, EJ made it so when James was born, he was the only man EJ could entrust his second-born son's safety too should EJ Pass early.

After the Arlington he was placed aboard the USS Starbow with his father for 2 years where he learned how to do the “O’Donnaghue Maneuver” from his father, He was then assigned to his uncle’s Ship the USS Jackdaw, where he would study under his uncle and his Aunt Layla, the jackdaw was a galaxy class ship, his uncle Craig taught him his hand to hand techniques from the war.

Now at the grand old age of 30 James has been reassigned from the USS Jackdaw. He has Been sent to the USS Tomcat, as a flight lead to the marine support squadron.

Service Record

Service Record Starfleet Academy (Helm and Fighter Training)
USS Arlington (In training Helm officer and Flight Leader (Wolves Squadron)
USS Starbow (Squadron Leader)
USS Jackdaw (Squadron Leader White wolves squadron)
USS Tomcat (Flight Leader)

Simming History

Years Simming 15