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Chief Warrant Officer K'Muss

Name K'Muss

Position Science Officer

Rank Chief Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Caitian
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft4
Weight 178
Hair Color reddish
Eye Color yellow
Physical Description Moderately tall individual standing at over 6 feet. he has a lean muscular build. Reddish fur. Yellow eyes. Has a tuft of fur at the end of his tail Scars on his knees and tail from childhood mishaps.


Personality & Traits

General Overview reserved individual due to his somewhat solitary childhood. He is currently taking steps to change that part of himself, with promising results. he is a loyal and valuable friend.

He has been known to cut up some of the time
Strengths & Weaknesses w-still slightly reserved
fear of confrontation with the borg

s-strong crewmember in other regards
strong friend
Ambitions Commandant of SFMC. Has since changed to starfleet officer
Hobbies & Interests reading

Personal History Born on a federation starbase, all he had were his parents. His mother and father worked as security and tactical officers. Them being away from home necessitated K’russ to find comfort in his studies i. He felt pressured by his family to be a scientist, but he disagreed owing to the fact that he felt whole learning aboutother things.

When his parents were not around he read manuals about various security cases. One day he was caught and was encouraged to join starfleet. He was then of legal age to join that very organization. He did so", As soon as his basic indoctrination was over he was assigned to ship known as the Palmer. This was his first exposure to starship life, and he was overjoyed. He saw that he had a promising future. His crewmates even mentioned this to him

K'Muss had an epiphany right then and there, realizing that the crew of the ship were completely correct. He brought this up to the senior commanders and was given the choice to train as a marine. Spurred on by the opportunity to live his dream, he took the CO up on his officer. He immediately received orders to Earth for officers training

Having an acquaintance who was a transporter operator helped in this regard. As soon as he materialized he was ushered straight to the training grounds. As soon as he passed thee required number of credits he was assigned to the USS Nyota Uhura.

He served there valiantly for a while until their adventures brought the ship in the path of a Borg cube. The ship fought well to the point it was apparent that they were unable to keep up the pace. K’Muss began to take charge of evacuating everyone possible on the captains orders. He just happened to be in the last shuttle before the Uhura was destroyed

In the aftermath of the battle, the crew were granted leave. K’muss was enjoying it on Earth when he was called into is former CO’s office. It was there he was assigned to his new ship the USS Tomcat as a warrant officer.

Upon arrival to the tomcat he felt more like his old self, making several friends around the ship. He also rose to the rank of second lieutenant. He has since transferred to regular starfleet.
Service Record USS Palmer, ops crewman

Marine training

USS Nyota Uhura

Marine officer

starbase 51