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Lieutenant Paula Winchester

Name Paula Winchester

Position Group Commander

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5Ft 7"
Weight 140lbs
Hair Color Brown and Wavy
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Paula is very competitive and is sometimes quick to judge other people and can be short-tempered when she can not get her point across, she also is willing to push herself beyond the boundaries that she set herself


Children Davina Winchester ( Adoptive Daughter)
Father Dean Winchester
Mother Mary Winchester
Brother(s) Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester (USS Tomcat)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Paula is very competitive and is sometimes quick to judge other people and can be short-tempered when she can not get her point across, she also is willing to push herself beyond the boundaries that she set herself
Strengths & Weaknesses +Likes to solve puzzles
+ Willing to push herself to be better
+ Is competitive
+ keeping a promise


- quick to judge people
- Short-tempered
- gets frustrated when nothing goes right
Ambitions Ambitions:
+to explore the universe and meet new cultures
+to gain command of her own
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies & Interests: Paula's hobbies include 3 D-Chess and old novels, such as Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne and other action thrillers swimming and archery.


Personal History Paula Winchester was Born on May 14th 2366 to Dean and Mary Winchester who was also blessed with their son Paul with their Father away, their mother was left on her own to look after both the children. But Paula always liked to pinch Paul’s toys when he was not looking which annoyed him a lot which got him into trouble when he complained.

At the age of 5 Paula attended the same school as her brother who enjoyed the time to herself getting her Art and crafts and maths and English, whilst growing up with her brother, their mother noticed a competitive nature in both of the siblings which showed in both of the grades as one got a higher grade than the other it spurned the other on. At the age of 13, Paula’s dad spent time with her teaching her how to pilot a craft when he wasn't working in a simulator

After their last holiday to Risa, they both received news that due to their grades being sufficient for Starfleet Academy, they both learned that they had been accepted upon their 18th birthday, Both Paul and Paula Were overjoyed at both of them were going to see new places Paula had seen her brother take one route in the academy and wanted to be different from her brother, After giving it some thought she decided that it would be a good idea to join the Starfleet fighter school to tame her aggressive nature. She could still see the stars and fulfil her dream of setting foot on other planets. After both had finished their training cruise, Paula’s first assignment was to the USS Odin, upon her graduation day Paula promised her Mom that she would not do anything that went against her Judgement and question things. Paula always believed that if you gave a promise, you kept it.

After her six months on USS Odin Paula’s first assignment toUSS Cambrian, with the designation Green five-part of the Squadron codenamed 'Green Avengers'. During this time aboard the Cambrian, Paula's reputation grew in stature and promise.. Paula later took the position of squadron Leader of the Green Avengers; gaining also the Rank of Lt JG, in 2390 Paula received news on her birthday, her promotion to Full Lieutenant for her outstanding record and service. With that, promoted to ACAG was an assignment to the USS Soval and hoped that her next assignment upon the USS Soval would bring more respect to the Corps.

It was not until she reported into her new captain, and a new ship, that she had the misfortune to meet Lieutenant Email fox. In her wisdom, after the captain had refused Lieutenant Fox's request at Paula’s insistence on how her Fighter was looked after Paula soon realized that she might have found someone that didn’t want her around, Paula found herself back in the cockpit of a fighter where she found peace it was whilst on the Soval that an event on a planetary scale on Obsidian Colony.

During her time at Obsidian Colony, Paula found herself helping to evacuate a settlement that suffered an earthquake and rescuing the settlers from their village, shortly after the event it was then that she found herself finding that she had been made Guardian of Davina who was one of the children that she helped save back on the original colony who she later adopted before being reassigned to the USS Gladiator.

In 2393 after the Gladiator had been retired from service Paula found herself along with Davina stationed on Starbase 51and assigned to the 95th Rifles Regiment along with a promotion to Lieutenant, she now finds herself leading a Group of Fighters aboard the station that is situated at a point where ships have a homeport in this region of space, and a place to call home.

Service Record

Service Record Service Record

2370 - 2374: Cadet Years
2375 - 2376: Basic flight training
2377 - 2379: Raptor training
2380 - 2382: Gryphon flight training
2382 - 2383: Training cruise USS Odin
2384: Graduated from Starfleet Academy
2385 - 2387: Assigned as a Fighter pilot to the USS Cambrian as Ensign
2387 - 2389: Made Squadron Leader & LT Jg on the USS Cambrian
2390 - 2392: Appointed as ACAG Officer to the USS Soval
2392-2393 Lt Jg -ACAG- USS Gladiator
2393 - 2394: Assigned to the 95th Rifles Regiment CAG on Starbase 51 and promoted to Lt

Simming History

Years Simming 29 years +