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2nd Lieutenant Cassandra Mathews

Name Cassandra Rayne Mathews

Rank 2nd Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 27
Prior Simming Experience Vast-

2002- 2004 USS Saturn (Bravo Fleet) Under Capt. Wade

2004-2008 IKS meHHaj (Imperial Klingon Fleet) Tapez

2008- 2012 USS Crazy Horse (Private run sim) Capt. Satain

2012- 2015 Guardians (Hazard Team) Capt. Nikoli

2015- 2018 -New Destany Fleet - Run by Cael Maz

2018 -2019 Omega / Guardians relaunch
USS Dreadnaught (Pegasus fleet) Furry overlord

8months break from simming

2020- the USS Pennsylvania (Pegasus Fleet) Capt. Kumar

Star Base 3 (Pegasus Fleet) Colonel Lanc

Currently applying for the USS Tom Cat

How Did you hear about the Sim? A friend
Years Simming many

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Weight 120
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Cassandra Mathews might not look the part of a marine officer short and almost scrawny looking. Her dark blue eyes always seem to look haunted even when you get her to smile. When on duty she keeps her hair pinned back in a tight bun. Off duty she wears it loose to hide behind. Her skin is smooth and pale except for a almost fully healed up scars here and there from breaking up fights and such. Built tonka tough. Cassi trains hard with her unit and it shows in her lithe frame and toned core and her no nonsense look she gets when in command.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Roland Curtis Mathews (dead)
Mother Amanda Daniel Mathews (dead)
Brother(s) Adopted Brother: C’Tirr - Caitain 29 years old
Sister(s) none
Other Family See C’Tirr’s bio for more info.
Adopted Father H'Nosin K'Ruuras
Adopted Mother S'Raow K'Ruuras

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sweet and tender hearted, but not a pushover. Cassi is a friendly sweet girl who strives to help others. Can be playful and spunky. Loves a good conversation. Trys to be helpful when she can.
Strengths & Weaknesses +is self motivated
- can be reckless
+Tries to be positive
- has moments of vast despair
+Is a quick learner
+Thinks well on her feet
+Is in good physical shape and knows hand to hand combat
+fast learner
-forms quick opinions
-tends to gossip

Ambitions To have a good life. See the universe.
Hobbies & Interests Dancing(Ballet, ballroom, and Tap), playing cards(All sorts), going to the gym(Running, gymnastics, weight training) , swimming, hiking, reading, playing piano, Playing guitar, Hunting, fishing, playing pranks.

Personal History Cassandra grew up being toted from one ship to another from one side of the Galaxy to the other. Her daddy was a Marine and upon the death of Cassandra's mother(( Cassandra's mother was exposed to a lethal virus and succumbed to its effects.)) Cassie became his little cadet around age 3.

She was a very outgoing intelligent child and was happy and well cared for by not just her father but by the whole battalion it seemed. The vast wealth of knowledge afforded to her by being exposed to so many different places and people gave her an edge over most children her age.

Cassandra was five years old when her father died in battle. She was never told the nature of this battle and knew only that he was given an award for his services.

Cassi was adopted by the K’Ruuras family on board the ship her father had been deployed from after much petition. Even though she was a human child it was decided it was in the best interest of the child with the family her father had trusted her too as she had no other living relatives to stay with. The Caitain family she had already had time to bond with and it was thought that it would cause more problems than solutions to remove her. She was of course put into play groups and things to help her to learn more human-like traits as she grew up. Still some of her best memories is that of harassing and terrorising her adopted older brother.

As they grew up together though they of course became close. When he went off to the academy she knew then and there that was exactly what she wanted to do as well. She studied hard and even applied for the junior ROTC program for academy readiness and was accepted at age 13 for her high marks.

Service Record 13-16; Junior ROTC program

16-18 delayed entry program - she opted to switch to Marine based program.

18-22; Starfleet Academy / Marine boot camp

22-24- First assignment: the USS Titan. Was field promoted. Private 1st class to a Corporal

24-26- Was reassigned to the USS Cutter was made a team leader (Bravo team) Promoted to Sergeant and continued to be promoted over the next year for her work out on the field. After a year was put into a Officers Candidate School. Upon graduation was

27- Being reassigned as MXO to the USS Tom Cat. Was promoted to 2nd Lt.