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Ensign Geoffrey Hale

Name Geoffrey Hale MD

Position Medical Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32
Prior Simming Experience Bravo Fleet ~1.5 years
How Did you hear about the Sim? Got on Pegasus Fleets and looked for a sim with "good vital signs."
Years Simming ~1.5

Physical Appearance

Height 179cm
Weight 77kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Geoff is typically on the pale side, spending his life aboard starships and content to rarely see even simulated sunlight. His fair skin however does highlight his raven black hair and make the soft brown of his eyes seem all the warmer. Not the tallest in most rooms and athletic but not particularly developed, Geoff can cut a modest figure when he wants to, he can also clean himself up into the picture of tidy, fastidious perfection. When he works, he moves with speed, care, and precision. He can appear rushed to the uninitiated, but a knowing eye will discern that he works without any wasted movement. His intent working persona can make it all the more jarring on those occasions when he does cut loose and enjoy himself, at these times he will grace onlookers with a rare and dazzling smile.


Spouse Nathaniel Parker PhD
Children -
Father Abner Hale
Mother Emma Jean Hale
Brother(s) -
Sister(s) Rosalie Hale
Elizabeth Hale
Hannah Hale
Sophia Hale
Other Family Cole Carson (uncle)
Samantha Carson-Montero (cousin)
Marco Carson-Montero (cousin)
Enoch Hale (uncle)
Matthew Hale (cousin)
Luke Hale (cousin)
Richard & Laura Carson (maternal grandparents)
Mark Hale & Regina Brankovic (paternal grandparents)

Personality & Traits

General Overview When working Geoff will often put forward a stoic face, seemingly unflappable in front of even the most gruesome injuries and mass casualty events. He will carry on with a set determination until he can do no more, never becoming overwhelmed. On first inspection this description of him as subdued, detached, even cold can appear to match the rest of his life as well. He is bookish and non-confrontational, going out of his way at times to avoid potential conflict. The truth of Geoffrey Hale goes deeper than this, however. He may not be effusive but he feels things quite deeply, and is every bit as emotional as the next human under the surface. If he doesn’t lose his composure in a crisis, it isn’t because he doesn’t want to, it’s because that won’t do anything to HELP. At Geoff’s core is a deep desire to do good, and this drives the rest of his life. This is what makes him focus so intently on his work, what makes him try so hard to save everyone. This is what shapes him and his outlook, and it’s what he must set aside for a moment if he is to truly unwind.
Strengths & Weaknesses Geoff keeps himself to the highest of medical standards, always studying the latest and the best, he is always seeking to be faster, more careful, more professional. He is steady during even the most difficult of challenges, being dedicated to helping as much as he can. This inner core of strength makes Geoff excellent for even-tempered advice, and a steady presence at all times.

+Driven +Knowledgeable +Steady in a crisis

Geoff may be driven to do good, but that same self-sacrificing desire can easily turn against him. Though he will attentively look after the well-being of those placed in his care or under his command, his own will always come last. Unless there is someone to step in and tell him to stop, he will burn himself out all too readily. In his work, his rigorous modernity can mean that he sometimes will forgo tried and tested effective methods in order to embrace newer, potentially less effective tools and methods. He will also sometimes go to unreasonable lengths to try and avoid a predicted confrontation, something that can be less than ideal in the tight-knit crew of a starship.

-Overworker -Conflict Averse -Too caught up with gimmicks
Ambitions Though Geoff would like to leave his contribution to the science and profession of medicine some day, he doesn’t yet know what that is going to be. In the meantime he helps where he can and looks for opportunities to do more. Day to day he wants only to do as much good as he can in his role, and hopes that in aggregate, his actions will one day add up to far more suffering removed from the world than added to it.
Hobbies & Interests Geoff is perhaps unsurprisingly precise and technical in his personal pursuits as he is during working hours. Reading medical journals will consume a large amount of his personal time almost anywhere he might find himself. He finds studying and mending old-fashioned machines almost as compelling as studying and mending living bodies. He finds the careful and transformative craft of baking quite gratifying for the same reasons. His passion for literature runs deeper than these other concerns however, Geoff is never without something to read in his spare moments. Geoff has always loved a good story, no matter how it’s expressed. The ability to share narratives is, according to him, one of the things that makes life as an intelligent being worth living.

-Literature and Art -Medical technology and Research -Mechanical curiosities -Electronic/holographic gaming -Baking

Personal History Geoff grew up in North America’s Rocky Mountains, and when he was young he would often explore the natural environment around him, becoming well versed in the local plants, wildlife, and natural history. Things took a turn when his curiosity led him into more expansive studies in books and online, if he no longer went outside as much, at least his horizons were growing by the day. Geoff’s natural interest in life and living things drew him to pursue medicine early on when “purer” biology and xenobiology proved too clinical and detached for him. Already driven, he was accepted to Starfleet Academy after finishing his pre-med studies, he graduated with an impressive record. After two years as a resident, he transferred to USS Polyphemus where he first met his future husband Nathaniel. The two became fast friends but only began to grow closer in their final months aboard. When the Polyphemus was severely damaged in a skirmish with Orion pirates, the brush with death threw things into sharp relief for Geoff and Nathaniel. It seemed like fate when the two found they would be transferred to the same ship, and they drew closer still. After an uneventful service aboard his latest posting, the hands of fate and Starfleet have brought Geoff to the USS Tomcat.
Service Record Starfleet Academy: 2383-2387

USS Stormwalker: 2387-2389

USS Polyphemus: 2389-2391

USS Hector: 2391-2393

USS Tomcat: 2393-