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Rena Sara

Name Rena n/a Sara

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 27
Prior Simming Experience I forgot the years, I starting Simming in 2004 in a sim group called UCIP. like I said I forgot other years.sorry USS-WArrior,USS-Griffin,
mostly in UCIP When I was simmin , I took a break for a 4 yrs
later and went back to simming at USS-Vindicator before the new command switch,and there was a few others I forgot,sorry

How Did you hear about the Sim? I heard a couple simmers/rpgers talk about it
Years Simming unsure,but starterted 2004

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 130
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description - has long brown hair that she puts up in a single pony tail, she has
a Tattoo on her right leg its a Red Rose with a spider web on it,and a small spider climbing it.
on her right arm she has a tattoo of a caitain friend who was killed, or turned into a drone.
Her name was S'ress R'honn


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father cilun Sara - Medical doctor
Mother leevra Sara - helping in betaed Medical clinic
Brother(s) --Berros Sara -- who is training to be a marine in Starfleet
Gibus Sara - on Betazed working as a medical doctor with his dad.
Sister(s) - Noni Sara - Studying in Starfleet as a counselor
Keri Sara - a counselor on Betazed.
Other Family - Aunt Reararo otraar and Uncle Oebral Otraar--both deceased
Grandparents - Grandma - rweassa Sara (fathers mom)
Grandpa - Esmel Sara(Fathers Dad) --both Deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rena is very active in her family, she was helping them out in Their Betazed medical office she was like a human Janitor, cleaning up her father's doctor office, like sweeping and mopping. Then she heard from a friend to join Starfleet, and so she did. She went by a shuttle from Betazed and headed for Earth, San Francisco, Cali. She got so excited bout going there and didn't realize she would be doing a lot of work there.

Strengths & Weaknesses Her Strength was helping her family in the family Medical Office she'd help her mom while out in the field with patients when her mom was looking at them. Rena was just.t like an Earth Version Of a Janitor making sure the place was clean after patients been seen.

She also played a security guard for her parent's medical shop so no one would break-in.
They had break-ins in the past which wasn’t cool, poor people or kids would break-in,so it was her job not to make it happen...

Weakness - She can get a bit clumsy when she was helping her family's business as a
Office cleaner, her father would tell her she'd miss spots and have to go back and sweep it up. she tries not to miss spots. She just did her job as an office cleaner/Security Guard.

Her other weakness is as a Security guard she was on her rounds and heard a crash ran over to it and someone dug their hands in medicine that made her upset and knew her parents would be upset and she cleaned it up. So she misses areas in security guarding.

Ambitions Rena hopes to be the best security officer on any ship in Starfleet, and try not to be too nervous and clutsy or embarrass anyone.
shes a lilttle bit clutsy at times
Hobbies & Interests Rena loves to go horseback riding with friends, through the horseback riding trails, on rainy crappy days she either stays inside to read a book, or run to the Activities center to rent out a holodeck to play other games like Parrises Squares.
She sprained her ankle one time she was quite upset about it.

Personal History : Rena was born and raised on Betazed with her sisters and brothers, as soon as she was old enough her parents put her to work at their family clinic helping with stocking Medical supplies that come to her parent's office, when the supplies go over they have a medium-sized barn to place the extra medical supplies, in the back of the office. Rena would stock the Barn and made sure it was locked and watched by video cameras.(side-note: Rena was a human version of a Janitor making sure floors, and Desks are clean, all the shelves were clean.)
And make sure the Replicator was working for anything the employees wanted. They have a spare Replicator for Customers who'd like something as well... So Her family put her work like a helper should work..
Service Record 2390-2391 Cadet year 1 -Basic training- Starfleet Academy
2391-2392- Cadet year 2 -Security Training-Starfleet Academy
2392-2393 Cadet year 3-Weapons training-Starfleet academy
2393-2394 Cadet year 4 Advanced weapons training -Starfleet Academy
2394-Pres Ensign -Security Officer- USS Tomcat