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Ensign Dr. Kimeko Kulahiwa

Name Dr. Kimeko Kulahiwa MD

Position Medical Officer

Second Position Surgeon

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Terran
Age 67

Physical Appearance

Height 6-02
Weight 145
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall, thin that borders on being emaciated, but she is otherwise healthy. While on duty Dr. Kulahiwa appears to be a plain looking female, who dresses in scrubs, and wears a long white medical coat as she sees her surgical patients. When off duty Dr. Kulahiwa dresses in sarongs, opened toed sandals, boots, long and short sleeve colorful knee length tunics, and long necklaces, along with big hoop earings. She keeps her hair long, only tying it in a pony tail when seeing patients, but lets it lie loosely when off duty.


Spouse Not maried
Children None
Father Mr. Jason Kulahiwa, Senior Dir of Border Proection and Alien Immigration Division
Mother Irena Merrillos, housewife
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Commander Kulahiwa is what some consider the ultimate perfectionist, who spends hours practicing a difficult surgical procedure in the Surgical Holodeck, before she will open up a patient. She can be dry, without a sense of humor when she is in the operation theater, she is demanding, argunmentive, and will not stand for sloppy work from an attending surgeon.

However when she is not in surgery, and her schedule allows her to relax, she can be funny, loves to crack jokes, and loves practical jokes on the new surgical officers that come to the Starbase that have been assigned to her.

However as the A/CMO she sometimes doesn't get to practice surgery, since she's mostly having to deal with a lot of administrative issues, but some times, when she finds a willing physician, she will have him stand in for her as she operates on a critically ill patient.

Dr. Kaluhiwa is also a big proponent on doing surgery the old fashoned way when needed; and giong back to the roots of modern 22nd-23rd surgical practices, which sometimes horrifies the the staid, uninformed, and afraid Medical Officers who have been so indoctrinated in the use of modern technologis, that they sometimes forget that sometimes all of this technology will some times fail when you least expect it.
Strengths & Weaknesses S-Creative, a hard worker, one who will stay up all night with a critical patient whom she has operated on.
S-An innovator who doesn't mind doing things the old 21st century way if needed.
S-She sees surgery as an art, and the surgeon is the artists who makes it seem as natural as night and day.
W-She has a temper, and will go over a senior surgeons head if she finds that the surgeon broke protocol, never mind that she does, but when she does break protocol its for a very good reason that may not be apparant at first.
W-She can be rude, demanding, and is not one to tangle with when it comes to the life of her patient.

She is one who takes the word "NO" to mean, proceed with caution. Never one to follow the crowd and do what is convenient for the surgeon,


Personal History Born in 2325 to a father who was the Director of Alien Immigration and Border Affairs, and a mother who was a housewife. Because of her fathers influence within the Federation, many thought she'd followin in her fathers footsteps, but rather she decided to become a physician, which caused a rift between father and daughter.

Entering the University of North Carolina Medical school Dr. Kaluhiwa spent four years there, and was conferred with the title of "Doctor of Medicine, MD"

After Medical School she returned back in the fall to begin her five year residency in General Surgery at the University of North Carolina where she was conferred the title of "Doctor of Surgery, MD".

Deciding to specialize, Dr. Kaluhiwa entered the Fellowship Program at Massachuttes General Hospital, where she spend an additional seven years in Cardio Thoracic Surgery, and upon graduation she was conferred the title of "Doctor of Cardiothroacic Surgery, MD".

After spending a few years working as a Cardiothoracic Surgeon at Stanford University, and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, Dr. Kaluhiwa decided to join Starfleet. Entering the Medical short course for Physicians and Registered Nurses, Dr. Kaluhiwa was commissioned as a LTJG.

Transfered from several starships where she worked as a General Surgeon, and a Cardiothoracic surgeon. Sometimes she was apppointed as the Assistant/Chief Medical Officer, but never was one to be a ACMO as a permanent position.

Her current duty station landed her on Starbase 51 as the Assistant Chief Medical Officer, along with being the Chief of General Surgery, and the Cardiothoracic Department.

Service Record

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