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Lieutenant JG Dr. Rhamses Carnarvan

Name Dr. Rhamses Whitworth Carnarvan PhD

Position Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 75

Physical Appearance

Height 5-10
Weight 145
Hair Color Gry
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Older man, gray hair, dark blue eyes, and is slightly bent over from years of having to bend ovr. Uses a cane to get around


Spouse Mildred, dceased
Children None
Father deceased
Mother deceased
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Althea, an older sister who is 135 years of age, and was once a professor of Alien bio-physiology at Cambridge University, UK
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Very professional, amicable and very friendly, and willing to teach to anyone who will take the time to learn.

However he is one of those scatterbrained professors, who sometimes needs a hand in the lab; looking for his glasses, finding his PADD that is sometimes buried under tons of professional journals. He is pretty much a loner when he eats, and sometimes turns off other crewmembers by what they perceive as a cold person.

But in reality the professor has so much on his mind that he sometimes forgets his manners, and just concentrates on the matter at hand not realizing that other people around him are trying to start a friendly conversation with him.

So to prevent loneliness he prefers to stay in his lab, and prefers to stay in his lab going over tons of research, including the theories on why the Vulcan, Romulan and Klingons separated into three very different races.

Strengths & Weaknesses Spaks his mind, and sometimes it can bit him in the rear.

Ambitions To finally retire and spend his lastday living on Risa...
Hobbies & Interests Books, and more books. Lovs the old Earth documentaries on Aliens, and laughs when they come up with some wild idea on aliens.


Personal History Dr. Carnarvan born in Devonshire England (European Federation) on June 1st 2317 to a large Philantrophic family, that over the past 250 years had made important archeological advancements in the Federations understanding of Alien/Humanoid species.

Always one for a thrist for knowledge, during his childhood Dr. Carnarvan studied at some of the most prestigious English boarding school. Attending Eton College he ranked in the upper 1%, and after 4 years of hard dilligent work he received a BA in Xenoarcheology.

For the next several years he worked in some of the most forbidding archeological sites, striving to learn as much as he could. After uncovering several important archeological digs that showed that Vulcans had once visited Earth during its earlier period.

Rhamsees was able to show that for instance during several earth epoch, other alien races had been able to live undisturbed and observe the beginnings of the human races, even helping the early Egyptians in bulding one of many massive Pyramids using Transporters, and anti-gravity units.

There other digs on various planets that showed that the Paleolithic era of the early Incans, Aztecs religous ceremonies were due to various Alien species visiting earth at some point in its devlopment. Even the Nazzca Lines were actually a landing strip for massive starships.

Living a good life in England, Rhamses had a dream of one day being on a starship with other archeologist.

In 2393 at the ripe old age of 77, and after spending much of his life on thousands of archeological digs that made him one of the Federations eminent Archeologists, he was approached by the Chief of Starfleet Operations with a proposal that he would act as an archeological consultant to some of Star Fleets missions. Thinking if over for several weeks, Dr. Carnarvan said yes, but to get him inside a Starship required that he become a Starfleet Officer.

Dispensing with the required academy curriculum, Dr. Carnarvan was given an honorary Diploma from Starfleet Academy, and with th Diploma he was promoted to the rank of LTJG, the lowerst rank that Starfleet gave to newly minted Starfleet Officers.

With the rank of LTJG, allowed Dr. Carnarvan to be physically counted as a crewmember, and also he had the priviledges of an officer, while still continuing to be a civilian on board a starship.

Service Record


2330-2334: Eaton Boys School
Suma Cum Laude

2334-2338: Eaton University BA Degree
Magna Cum Laude
Maj: - Xenoarcheology
Mi: - Archeology

2338-2349: Field Archeologist
Archeologist Digs 1, 2, & 3
Chief Archeologist on 4th Dig

2350-2356: Rturned to
Westminister University
Masters degree in Xenoarcheology

2359-2363: Westminister University
Docorate program - Xenoarcheology
PhD in Xenoarcheology

2368-2372: Imperial College of London
Dual Doctorate program-
Religious & Comparative studies of Aliens cultures
2nd Phd

2372-2393: Professor, and Archeologists
Published scientific Journals & Papers
on the Xindi-Avians

2393: Starfleet Academy - Honorary Degree
Promoted to LTJG
Special Archeological Consultant to StarFleet

2393: Assigned to USS Tomcat NCC 62114
Chief Xenoarcheologist

Simming History