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2nd Lieutenant Josefina (Joe) Macapuno

Name Josefina (Joe) Palermo Macapuno

Position Marine Officer

Rank 2nd Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5-10
Weight 165
Hair Color Bright Bronze
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Loves to wear her hair longer than what Marine Regulations call for. With light brown skin, that has a touch of honey, dark brown eyes, and arched cheekbones, she has that aura that sometimes makes men turn around.

Off Duty, she wears tight clothes, preferring the biker look of the 21st century, leather pants, bras, tank tops, and a black leather jacket characteristic of the biker mama's. She is comfortable in tanker boots, high heels or wearing what is still called flip flops. Sometimes she wears a short knee length Mu-Mu, letting her long hair out.

Still a girly girl, Joe loves all types of makeup, and sometimes the products overflow her tiny medicine cabinets, massage, Risan neck/back massage, and many off-world massage styles.


Spouse Not Married
Father Kimo, deceased (Heart & transplantation failure)
Mother Kima, deceased in a shuttle accident
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Uncle Melchor Macapuno, Gen, SFMC (Ret), currently residing in a Marine Corp residential care facility on Titan. Alhough he is retired, he still has friends in the Marine Corp

Frank Macapuno; LTC SFMC, 1/17th Marines (Dominion War)
Melchor Macapuno; Gunnery Sgt, 9th Marines (Dominion War)
Horatio Macapuno; CMDR, USS Centurion, (Dominion War)
Helena Macapuno; Captain, USS Hood, Chief Nurse (Dominion War

Personality & Traits

General Overview Can be tough at times, in trying to emulate her uncles and nurses as she goes through life, and makes mistakes based upon those assumptions. Generallly caring, and very amicable, she is not one to force into a corner, and for those who have tried, many wished they had left her along.
Ambitions She'd like to open up a Hawaiian pig roadside diner on Risa, or even one of the Earth Colonies...
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies: A lifelong practitioner of the old Chinese martial arts of "Tai Chi", and rock climbing.

Interests: Cooking everything on four legs, swims, fly's or crawls. Her main specialty is "dog meat". She has a collection of late first edition 19th century books Arthur Conan Doyle.


Personal History Born June 11th, 2368

Joe has always had a hard life, but with a loving family, though she never said who she really liked for a partner, it was mostly other girls, a few guys; but generally she liked other women.

A Bit of a book worm who liked to keep to herself surrounding herself with her prized collections of 1st edition books by Doyle, and within the last year she had been collecting a few books by Louisa May Alcott. More of an easy going soul, she generally detests fighting, but with her personal history; she decided to go into the Marines. Atleast if she died, no one would have anything to say about her strange predilection for women. Though not a Lesbian, she was what 22nd earth would call a Pansexual; "one who likes both men and women" but is not attracted to one sex.

With one uncle who is still alive, a retired Marine General; three uncles who were all Marines, and who all died during the Dominion War, andan an aunt who while serving in Starfleet Medical during the war, also died. With a military family, and the tradition of service, Joe tried to follow in their foot steps and failed miserably. Joining the Marines she was nearly booted out of the Academy for poor grades, but manage to hang in there. Then when she went to the School of Infantry, she failed the first time, and was recycled and sent to another training brigade the second time. Having passed its strenuous course of study, she barely passed, but she was now on the path to become a Marine just like her uncles. However when she was sent to the 28th Marine Military Police Brigade (Corrctions) on Rura Penthe, she managed to land an office job in administration.

However her much older Uncle Patricio who was born 9 months after her fathers birth had been keeping secret tabs on his niece. Uncle Patricio was an old fashioned retired Marine General (Dominion War Vet) who believed that office jobs were for civilians only; and that every Marine all belonged on the front lines. So when he heard through channels that his only niece was now with the 25th MARDIV on Cardassia, and found that she had managed to land an administrative job. Shocked to find her wasting her time going over records, he made several calls to friends who owed him favors, and within a few month after she had been at Cardassia, Joe found herself with new orders to Starbase 51, and the 95th Rifles.

Service Record

Service Record 2388 - Enters Marine Officers Training, Quantico Va
2388-2389 School of Infantry, 1st Bde (Officers Basic), FAILS
2389 School of Infantry, 4th Bde (Officers Basic), Passes,
but with a mediocre score
2391-2392 25th MARDIV, Personnel Officer
2392 PCS Move to SB51 with final posting to 95th Rifles

Simming History