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1st Lieutenant Eleonorrhea (Butch) Delfin

Name Eleonorrhea (Butch) Banangan Delfin

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Second Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank 1st Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 58

Physical Appearance

Height 6'-01
Weight 215
Hair Color Black with gray
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Staturesque, she stands taller than her female collegues. With her female bodybuilder physique, she has a well developed upper chest, neck and shoulder muscles, broad shoulders, upper arms and lower arms. Thick thighs, and well developed lower legs.

Known to bench press more than 250-300 pounds. With her caramel colored skin, high cheekbones, arched eyebrows, almond eyes, and deep brown pupils, she exudes a command presence wherever she goes to. However her pitch is at the bottom end of the female range, and sometimes sounds male. When you look at her, she looks very Filipino with some spanish blood in her.


Spouse Not Married
Children None
Father Patricio Delfin, deceased
Mother Dr. Mercedes Delfin, Starfleet Medical, Deceased
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family An aunt who is the Federation Ambassador to the planet Risa.

Personality & Traits

General Overview She' what combat Marines call a walking photon hand grenade on legs with the pin removed. Tempermental, argumentive, hard bitten, reserved, whose bark is worse than her bite.

But then you'd be too if you weren't one of the very few 23rd Marines who was evacuated, before the entire Division was slaughtered during the Dominion War.

However Eleonorrhea is not without a heart. Besides her being tough as nails, she is very protective of her Marines, and will fight for any Marine who she feels is being wrongly charged. But if she finds out that anyone under her command has lied to her, caused the unit harm, then she can be someone who you do not want to tangle with.

Strengths & Weaknesses S - Her strength is that she believes in the old Filipino Visayan God of all; "Bathala" who ruled the 1st Kingdom, and that of the Trinity of Visayan War Gods invoked before or during battle; "Yna Guinid' the Goddess of war and poisons; "Barangaw" God of rainbow and symbol of hope; and "Makanduk" God of war and plunder, which is also the patron god of sea bandits/pirates

S - She's also compassionate in a caring motherly way, but don't let that fool you, she can turn on a dime if you screw with her, and woe to the person who does. She may lose; but in the end she'll be there to make sure you pay.

W - But when forced to fight for her life and those of her Marines, her attitude and her fighting skills turn her into a Barbaric, bloody, and blood thirsty warrior, who has little regard in showing any compassion to an emeny. Her main goal is to beat you at any cost.
Ambitions Is to retired, return back to earth, then set forth on a one person trip around earth, and the most desolate class "M" planet within the Federation, in an old off-road vehicle, while accompanied by a dog/wolf hybrid.
Hobbies & Interests H - Interested in old Earth military history, from the 3rd century to the 22nd century.
H - During her childhood, she took Philippine Escrima as a sport learning how to use a single or double baton
H - Has a large personal collection of bladed weapons from cultures that used these for war, and her one prized weapon is a small hand held item called he Karambit, which she wears around her neck in a nylon sheath. Shaped like the beak of an eagle with an edge that has been laser sharpened that it can cut through any thick garment, or through the thickest flesh and very light metal with ease.

Personal History Elenorrhea Delfin was born March 10th, 2333; In the small town of Daklan; New Cebu which was one of the thousands of poorly settled rim planets. During her childhood, she had a very interesting history, to which Starfleet, and Starfleet Intelligence had a vested interest, in the children and adults living there.

Though New Cebu was another backwards planet that had been populated during the early part of the 22nd century, it was the children born there that Starfleet and Starfleet Intelligence were more interested in.

The history of New Cebu dated back to the time of the Augments who engineered the Eugenics War on Earth, with a few led by Khan Noonien Singh, a product of a selective-breeding and gentic-engineered scientific program, which was based on the Eugenics Philosophy; that held improving the capabilities of a man improved the entire human race.

Augments such as Khan produced by the program possessed physical strength and analytical capabilities considered superior to ordinary Humans, and were “engineered” from a variety of Earth’s ethnic group.

During the war Eugenics War, of the 4.36 billion people living in the Western areas of Asia to include the Indian sub-continent, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Israel, the Middle East, the Philippines, Japan, China, and Korea.

Only 1.2 billion people were still left alive, to include according to Starfleet military historians; 1.3 million children who were directly born out of the Eugenics Program. Due to WWIII, the children of the Eugenics wars were soon forgotten, but late in the early 22nd century, stories of children with vast intellects and possessing great strength began to leak out, and soon Starfleet Medical and Starfleet Intelligence were once again searching for the sources of the stories.

However the investigators after exhaustive searching found that many of these stories were old wives tales, the majority of the Eugenics Children had all but died out. But once in a while someone would join either Starfleet or the Marines, and they tested highr than most humans; they were retested using Vulcan parameters, based on intellect, mental, and physical strength, and they passed; they were immediately flagged and allowed to join the military service of their choice. However they were constantly, and secretly being monitored, with the results sent to Starfleet Command, and Starfleet Intellligence.

In Eleonorrhea's case; she showed a high mental retention span, able to solve complex problems in minutes, the ability to remember complex and varied scientific formula's, but this was somewhat sporadic, and not a constant ability. However when tested for strength she had the strength of a female bodybuilder who could constantly lift between 68-113 kgs.

Under duress, or in the heat of battle Eleonorrhea's physicial strength almost doubled or even quadruppled to an astounding 124-306 kgs, then returns back to normal once she is not under a great amount of stress.

BUT there was one oddity that contnues to persists, and that Eleonorrhea has the capability to consume 25-30 times more alcohol than a human being and not die from Alcohol Poisoning. Somehow her body is better able to metabolize the effects of any alchol in her system, and because of this; she literally drink everyone under the table.

At one time when she was younger; Eleonorrhea could drink at least 20-60 cases of beer containing thirty 600 ml bottles of the most potent beer or hard liquor ever produced, and still be lucid enough to drink another case.

However; now that she is getting older, Eleonorrhea now finds that her capacity to drink as much when she was younger is slowly fading, and finds that she can now drink a half-case of liquor without feeling any effects

Even though after many years of service in the Marines; Eleonorrhea was found not to be a true Eugenics Child, and after many years of secret observation, and testing by Starfleet Medical, and does not display these oddities at all times, the Federation Secretary of Defense, Commandant of the Marines, and Starfleet Medical have for now, decided that her record shall be classified for now at "LEVEL-10".

Service Record Parts of File has been classified by Starfleet Command, due to Operational reasons

2351-2355: Marine Officers Academy, Class of 55
0000-2355- Promoted to 2nd Lt, upon graduation
2356-2356: Marine Officers School of Infantry, graduated top 10% of class
2357-2365: D Co, 2nd Bn, 4th MEU, Assistant Infantry Platoon leader
2365-2366: A Co, 1s Bn, MEU, Anti-Tank Platoon Leader
2366-2369: E Co, 3rd Bn, 21st MARDIV, Executive Officer
2369-2372: C Co, 7th Bn, 5th MARDIV, Company Commander
2372-2375: A Co, 5th Bn, 23rd MARDIV "Dominion War".

On 2375, the 23rd MARDIV unable to hold out against overwhelming odds, was slaughtered to the last man and woman Marine. During the engagement, Lt. Delfin suffered life-threatening injuries and was one of the few Marines to be evacuated during the engagement.

2375-2378 - Convalescing at Starfleet Hospital Bethesda, Md

2379-2383 Assigned to Marine SOG - Classified. LEVEL 10 Authorization

2384-2385: Reassigned to the Military Police MP School for Officer Basic.
2385-2388: 5th MP Co as Company Commander
2388-2391: 24th MARDIV for Occupation Duty, Promoted to Division Provost Marshal, Law
0000-2391: Received Orders to USS Tomcat as new MEU