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Chief Warrant Officer Luuna

Name Luuna Microchip #: 7F03YTY836M C.G.CA/U

Position Security Officer

Rank Chief Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Austailius Dog
Age 1

Physical Appearance

Height 75cm
Weight ‪45.58603‬kg
Hair Color (fur) Black & Tan Sable ‘silver’
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Luuna is a large canid from a not-so-well-known planet of Austailius, where instead of a wolf the indigenous humanoids developed their dog breeds from a canid-marsupial similar – if not related to – the extinct Terran Thylacine. She has medium-length silver colored fur, green eyes and long pointy ears that stand straight up from her head. She has a long bushy tail, which is often seen to neutral. Female Austailus Dogs have a backward opening pouch which – just like their wild counterparts’ – complete gestation of, and nurse their young in.


Spouse “Alpha”
Children “whatever”
Father Rex
Mother Hazel
Brother(s) Sombra, Krypto, Ace
Sister(s) Tempora, Selesti
Other Family Alpha: “Alpha”

Personality & Traits

Ambitions Protect: Territory (ship)
Protect: “Alpha”
Protect: Pack
Protect Designate: “Alpha’s” Alpha
Protect Designate: “Alpha’s” “Captain”
Protect Designate: “Alpha’s” “Executive Officer”
Protect: Self
Hobbies & Interests Search and Rescue