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Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester

Name Paul Winchester

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Second Position Communications Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 5Ft 7"
Weight 140 Lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description TBA


Spouse Dating Lieutenant Serina Donovan
Children None
Father Sean Winchester
Mother Mary Winchester
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Paula Winchester (Sister)
Lisa Creed (Sister in law)
Other Family Davina Winchester (Niece)

Personality & Traits

General Overview TBA
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
+ smart
+ quick thinking
+ Not afraid to speak his mind
+ Overprotective of those younger
+ Open-minded


- Has a short fuse
- Not afraid to speak his mind
- Hates visiting the ship's counsellor
- Hates being made a fool of
- Stubborn


Martial Arts:- Old fashioned weapons
Combat Skills:- Fighter pilot
Linguistic Skills:- Federation Standard
Ambitions His main ambition is to gain a Command of his own, showing Starfleet Command what they have missed these past few years.
Hobbies & Interests 3 D Chess
Old novels such as Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne and action thrillers


Personal History Paul was born in London, England - Earth to Shaun and Mary Winchester along with his twin sister Paula on the 14th of May 2366. When Paul was a young lad, he used to dream about going to the stars. Every night he would look up at the stars and wish that one day he could go into space. It was a promise his father had made him keep, the same promise that his elder Sister had also kept. During his teen years, Paul always looked to the stars knowing full well that his destiny lay up there. He began training for his pilot's licence, as he hoped it would hold him in good stead for when he applied to Starfleet Academy. Paul had a few good things in his life, such as being a qualified pilot and having fun times with his family at their summer retreat. On holiday retreats, he and his family visited planets like Vulcan, Risa and many others he could not remember. After his last holiday to Risa, he received news that he had been accepted at Starfleet Academy as soon as he turned 18. He would then have realized his dream to explore the universe and see other worlds outside the Federation.

Whilst in the Academy he had heard rumours about his elder Sister Paula being a Lesbian, but Paul tried to tell them that they were wrong and tried to stand up for his elder sister, it wasn’t until Paula’s Graduation that the truth came out and Paul would not talk to his sister for the next 4 year. After getting into trouble at the Academy, Paul thought that it would be a good idea to join Starfleet Engineering; He could still see the stars and fulfil his dream of setting foot on other planets. During his training cruise, Paul was assigned to the USS Odin, where after saving the life of his Chief Engineering officer whilst in battle, Paul was forced to take command of the squad. His squad had to look to him for leadership as most of the men were scared. Paul knew he had to get himself, the men and his leader back to base. Whilst saving his squad leader, Paul promised that he would get the man home. Paul always believed that if you gave a promise, you kept it. After Paul arrived back at the ship he was told that a mention of what he had done was put in his file

Paul later took the position of Engineering Officer aboard the USS Cambrian; after he had been passed over for promotion several times by the Engineering Chief. A few years later, on his birthday, Paul received his promotion to Lieutenant for his outstanding record and service. and hoped that his next assignment upon the USS Soval would bring more chances to work on newer warp cores. For the next year, Paul redeemed himself by becoming once more an Engineering officer when the Soval’s chief had seen that he had been unfairly treated and had restored him to his position. In 2379 Paul was assigned as an Engineering Officer aboard the USS Hyperion -F until 2381 Paul was told of his next assignment which was the USS Nagasaki as its Assistant Chief Engineering Officer.

Whilst aboard Nagasaki, His Sister tried to contact him and get him to talk to her about who she was, however; Paul still did not want to talk to Paula about it and did not reply to her. A year later Paul was reassigned to the USS Gemini as the Assistant chief Engineering Officer it was during the two years, Paul found himself falling in love with Marine Captain Elizabeth "Siren" Stone his wing commander who later after an accident became the Gemini's Chief Security Officer now having thoughts about getting hitched. Whilst they had started planning their nuptials, Paul had heard something that he didn't like and flipped. He then lost his temper at Lieutenant Aya and now finds himself once more alone and having to spend time with the Gemini’s Counsellor over the issue as well as Siren leaving for Starbase 249. In 2384 Paul was reassigned to the USS Reliant as an Engineering Officer as he felt that flight was not for him anymore, on his way to the Reliant that he was informed that he was to be reassigned again to the USS Cavalry, Now Paul is awaiting his next assignment from Command.

During his tour year tour on the USS Cavalry, Paul was told by the ships Captain that due to his actions on the USS Gemini that he would have to prove himself to regain the position he once had that of assistant chief Engineering Officer as he knew that he now regretted it, he also now regrets turning his back upon his Sister Paula and Plans to contact her. Now it is 2388 and to Paul's amazement, not only has he regained his rank of Lieutenant but the promotion to that of Chief Engineering Officer aboard the USS Odyssey and hopes that this new chapter in his life is a new beginning for him. Now it is 2393 and Paul has been transferred to the USS Tomcat as the new CAG. Being back in a fighter cockpit had been a welcome change for him, On his first flight back in the cockpit disaster struck as his throttle jammed open sending him into the hanger bay which cost him his left arm. Now with a prosthetic arm thanks in part to the Tomcat's CMO, Paul survived the crash, now thanks to some intel that he had gathered and now has been moved into Intelligence whilst the chief is in hibernation. Due to the crash, Paul was transferred briefly to Chief Intelligence for six months, shortly after the Captain soon realised that she had made a mistake and soon rectified it by moving him to Security within a few months after the Tomcat's Chief Security left, Paul was granted the position.

Service Record

Service Record Service Record
2369-2370 cadet years 1 General Studies
2370-2371 Cadet year 2 Engineering training
2371-2372 Warp core training
2372-2373 Advanced warp core theory training
2373-2374 Training cruiser USS Odin

Service Record
2374-2377 Fighter Pilot Officer USS Cambrian
2377-2379 Fighter Pilot USS Soval
2379- 2381 CAG Hyperion F
2381- 2382 Assistant Chief Engineering USS Nagasaki
2382-2384 Assistant Chief Engineering USS Gemini
2384 2384 Engineering Officer –USS Reliant
2384-2388 Engineering Officer USS Cavalry
2388-2393 Chief Engineering officer- Uss Odyssey
2393-2393 CAG/Chief helmsman -Uss Tomcat
2393- 2394 Intelligence Officer -Uss Tomcat
2394- Pres Chief Security Officer- Uss Tomcat

Simming History

Date When Started Simming TBA
Years Simming TBA
List of Previous Fleets TBA