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Ensign Doya Emja

Name Doya Emja

Position Damage Control Specialist

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 123 lbs
Hair Color Blonde, half-shaved
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Doya can often be found wear a red earring on her left ear as a sign of her following the Cult of the Pah-Wraiths.

Doya made the decision early on after leaving Bajor to keep the left side of her head shaved to emphasize the bright red Bajoran earring that she wears on her left ear.

Due to what she had to do growing up, Doya has never had many inhibitions, as she was considered very pretty and as a slave, using her assets was a good idea. She doesn't bother with clothing at all in her shared quarters with her wife.


Spouse Lieutenant JG Riabi Pames
Father Emja Javu
Mother Emja Awoyea
Brother(s) Emja Dupone (deceased)
Emja Rhergul (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Doya is a rather interesting Bajoran woman - strong willed and one hell of a spitfire. She likes to handle her problems with her fists, even when she knows she should not. She’s very passionate in almost everything she does with a temper to top it off. Doya has a strong hatred of Cardassians due to what happened to her family during the Occupation of Bajor, which coincided with her formative years, and she will never forgive them.

But there is a gentle passionate side to her as well - with her love for & happy marriage to Riabi, who she loves with all her heart.

Although her parents tried to bring her up believing in the Prophets, Doya had lost any faith she had once had in the Prophets by the time Cardassia withdrew and instead began to follow the Cult of the Pah-Wraiths, the Pah-Wraiths being similar aliens to the Prophets, though they have been entrapped in the Fire Caves of Bajor since they were expelled from the Celestial Temple. She went as far as to wear the red earring on her left ear, though her faith in the Pah-Wraiths function more as a rebellion against the traditions of her people than a true religious belief.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
+ Talented with damage control: While at the Academy, Doya found that she did far better in her practical classes where she shined in problem-solving on different tasks involving engineering repairs, and it was one of her early lecturers that suggested to her that he thought she would be good in Damage Control. She agreed, and throughout her career so far, Doya has been listed as a Damage Control officer.

+ Boxing & Kick-boxing: Although she isn't as strong as men, Doya defintly knows how to fight. Her chosen styles are straight out boxing & kick-boxing.

+ Languages: Doya knows how to speak Modern Bajoran, Cardassian and Federation Standard fluently, as well as read & write in them. Her wife, Riabi, has been teaching her Trill because she wants to be able to share and learn about her wife's culture.

- Tendency for brawling & street-fighting: Doya is quite rough-around-the-edges and tends to get in a lot of trouble for fights, especially on shore-leave and/or drunk. She did get demoted because of it.

- Not the best with dealing with people: Along with fighting, Doya isn't the best with getting on well with others. She has always had developmental issues with reading others, and it isn't like she is autistic but she leans more towards it with communication issues with words that she never learnt as a child. Her use of fists first came out of it.
Hobbies & Interests Doya finds that using her hands for something is quite calming, and one of the things that she found works is wood-carving. She has become quite good at it and makes little pendants, figurines & a Bajoran music instrument similar to pan-pipes. Also, she has learnt the art of fletching & carves her own bows and arrows.

Personal History Doya was born into a life of servitude on Bajor under the ruthless occupation by the Cardassian Union. Her parents were Bajoran workers - her father travelling upto Terok Nor where he was forced to work on repairs for the station, while her mother worked as an administrator in Jalanda City. Her childhood was very hard and by the time that the Cardassians withdrew, her two brothers were dead from fighting in the Resistance.

Her parents accepted that Doya wanted to go out into the galaxy and had no really connections to her homeworld. So as soon as she could, she left Bajor by stowing away on a Ferengi transport.