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Lieutenant JG Riabi Pames

Name Riabi 'Boomer' Pames

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Joined Trill w/cybernetic mod
Age 24 (host), 148 (symbiont)

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 119 lbs
Hair Color Dark brown but varies
Eye Color Blue/Green (Prutneer Retinal Deviation Syndrome/Heterochromia iridum)
Physical Description Riabi has a fairly slim build and is of average height so she is pretty normal for a Trill woman. While Riabi is a natural brunette, that doesn't mean that she sticks with it and often dyes it just because she can.

Like all Trill, Riabi has a series of brown spots that trail all over her body from her face all the way down to her toes, and her temperature runs cooler to the touch than a human would. Some lovers have enjoyed that, some haven't. Her wife, Doya, finds it quite nice as well, which pleases Riabi. Riabi also has the abdominal cavity that all Trill are born with that is where her symbiot, Pames, resides.

Although rare, Riabi has an inncuous Trill genetic condition known as Prutneer Retinal Deviation Syndrome although Starfleet Medical classed it as heterochromia iridum. It sounds rather worse then it is but basically it means that the iris of her eyes are different colors - blue & green in her case, due to a relative excess or lack of certain pigments. Her type is listed as Type C. Other then the color, her eyes are normal for Trills. Riabi has always had very good eyesight and according to the Starfleet Medical checkups, to a rating of 20/10 without any need of correction.

Ria's right arm is a cybernetic replacement and is covered by grafted skin cells generated from her own DNA, so in general, her arm looks normal. If needed, it can be detached at the shoulder and Riabi can meet all the Starfleet physical requirements without it. This cybernetic arm has the same strength as a normal human arm as it is more designed for dexterity. However, Riabi can cause the fingers to lock into a grip that is very hard to open. The most useful feature though in Ria's opinion is that she can connect to computers & control them via signals via special connections in the fingertips. This works easily for all Starfleet technology, for most Federation systems and occassionaly for other systems if she has studied them & they aren't hardened against electrical interference.

When on-duty, Riabi follows the regulations for her duty Flight Control uniform & her department, though will occasionally indulge herself in a bit of makeup, or less than regulation underwear. But out and about & off duty is a different thing. She tends to wear a quite eclectic mix of different outfits, and this Trill likes to show off her spots, with revealing, form fitting clothes & skin. Around her shared quarters, neither Riabi or Doya wear clothing, and well, if she's in a playful mood and answers the door, you may get a chance to find out exactly where that trail of spots goes.

Medical Profile

* Current Host (Riabi)

While serving aboard the USS Pulsar, Riabi was badly injured while rescuing others after the Pulsar was severely damaged in combat with unknown aliens. Her right arm was crushed and it eventually had to be amputated below the shoulder.

She has recieved a cybernetic replacement one that required a small processor to be grafted on as well, and Riabi has learnt how to mentally connect through to the processor - which allows her to use data connections in the fingers to connect through to computers. If needed, she can detach the arm below the shoulder.

When she is on duty on the bridge at Conn, Riabi uses this connection to essentially fly the ship at times.

Riabi sometimes suffers from the sleep disorder of insomnia, and finds that exercise is the best way to burn through it.

* Symbiont (Pames)

Pames has had four other host in its lifetime, and Riabi is its first female host.

Pames' previous hosts were:
- Hegon, Computer Specialist
- Servin, Chef
- Vedial, Bartender

* Shared

Like all joined Trill, Riabi Pames is allergic to insect bites. Since the Trill managed to work out a way to stabilise the the symbiotic relationship, Joined Trill are safe for transporters once certified by the Trill Symbiosis Commission, which Riabi Pames is.

Riabi has yet to be a field docent, but looking forward to it.


Spouse Ensign Emja Doya, Engineer, Bajoran Female
Children None
Father Commander Durom Neex, Starship Engineer, Utopia Plantia, Mars
Mother Essa Neex, Lecturer in Law, University of Mars
Brother(s) Ambassador Gridran Neex, Trill Ambassador, Federation Assembly
Jodra Neex, Freightor Captain
Sister(s) Junhu Nauhn, Scientist (Terraforming)
Other Family Woozle, multi-colored Tribble (4)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Years of training even before Starfleet Academy and steady service since as a very good Flight Control officer has left Riabi with a strong sense of self confidence. And it shows in the way she smiles, her strut as she moves. That confidence can border on cockyness though.

Riabi is very happily married to Emja Doya, a female Bajoran engineer, and shares quarters with Doya. She doesn't mind that Doya follows the Cult of the Pah-wraiths instead of the Prophets, and knows that for Doya, it is really a sign of rebellion then true religious belief. But she still supports Doya out of love.

Riabi tends to draw conclusions about people at a glance rather than relying on long and emotion-laden conversation in a very superficial way.

Riabi is very reality based, which means she bases her opinions more on observation than on ideology or doctrine, as the very nature of a conn officer’s work is to constantly be testing and analyzing reality. Riabi is a very concrete, practical & linear thinker who has been conditioned to deal succinctly, getting to the point of the task at hand, and tends to get bored easily with long winded discussions - She wants information conveyed to her concisely & efficiently. Riabi loves lists showing concrete problems, not talking about them, and is very short term goal orientation instead of long-term goal driven. Riabi very much avoids introspection and dislikes having to talk about herself, so Counseling may have to push her.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
+ Curious & Resourceful: Some of Ria's resourcefulness comes from having an extra three lifetimes of experience that comes to her as suggestions from her symbiont & some personality traits that have influenced her from previous hosts. Other parts of it came from a very curious nature in her childhood that has stuck with her. Ria's innate inquisitiveness about things means that she tend to think in building-block fashion - allowing her to take things apart, verifying how she thinks it worked all along and then putting it back together. At the Academy, she cross-trained in Engineering as it helps provide better knowledge of pushing the envelope.

+ Exceptional natural pilot & navigator: Ever since she was young, Riabi was always interested in what her Daddy did and due to her curiosity & inability to let go of things, Riabi eventually was introduced to starships and starfighter designs. Her father was impressed at how she seemed to be able to understand concepts and decided to take her to a flight simulator centre. Riabi proved to be quite good with a natural talent and as she got older, her talents increased until she progressed to actual flight vehicles & plot three-dimensional flight paths. By the time she was legally old enough to be allowed to get an official pilot's license, Riabi aced it.

+ Optimistic, Passionate & Dynamic: One of Ria's strengths is that she is always of the belief that things can get better, no matter what the situation, due to her fiery spirit. Riabi doesn't hold back in any way and is very mentally flexible - able to re-survey a situation and take a different approach if necessary. When flying, Riabi is always "on alert" for something unexpected and very much always thinking a few steps ahead.

+ Languages: Riabi knows a number of languages from the Federation, its allies and hostile forces - Trill, Federation Standard, Thai, Modern Bajoran, Risan, Klingon, Modern Vulcan, Tellarite, Andorian and Betazoid. She also knows a smattering of Cardassian, Spanish, Ferengi and Romulan.

- Vulnerable cybernetics: Her cybernetic arm and processor are shielded somewhat, but still, they provided a way to disable her. This has happened a few times.

- Obsessive & Stubborn: While it did proved to be a method for Riabi to get into flying, Ria's inability to let go of things is a clear sign of an obsessive and stubborn nature that often leads her into trouble & insubbordination a few times.

- Very emotional: Riabi finds that her emotions tend to jump from one extreme to the other, both good emotions like love & happiness and bad like jealousy & resentment. And well, also some others.

- Impulsive & vengeful little hothead: Due to her emotional nature, Ria's got a bit of a temper that doesn't take much to smolder & burst - something that she has counseling sessions about. Combined with an inability to let things go, Riabi will hold grudges against others who she believed or knows wronged her forever, rarely if eever forgiving and forgetting. She has been reprimanded for getting vengeance.

- Suspicious & critical: Riabi has difficulty trusting anyone to do the flight control job as well as she can, as she has very high standards, and tends to exhibit heightened levels of suspicion; sometimes even being a little bit paranoid. Her alertness can slip into her relationships with others.
Ambitions To be happy, be a good wife, and a good pilot. She isn't really looking for any advancement higher, as it would take her away from flying
Hobbies & Interests One night while walking through the streets of San Fransisco with a case of insomnia, Riabi came across a club where she heard the sound of a woman singing jazz music & went inside, listening to it. She fell in love with it, and began studying & learning it - eventually picking it up as a hobby.

For the past two years since she had her accident, Riabi has been the proud owner of a fluffy little multi-colored Tribble named Woozle. It was given to her by a counselor, who thought that a Tribble would be a good recovery tool.

Riabi loves cooking and is rather good at it. She has a wide ranging interest in trying different cuisines, ranging from Tril to Klingon to Terran to Vulcan ones - and even spicy Orion ones.

For exercise, Riabi does swimming, running and a Trill form of yoga that is similar to the Terran Hot yoga style.

For defense, Riabi also does muay thai, a Thai martial art from Earth known as 'the art of eight limbs" because it is characterized by the combined use of fists, feet, elbows, knees & shins.

Personal History Riabi was born on the Trill homeworld to Durom & Essa Neex, a Trill couple with a young boy & girl already, Gridran and Junhu, aged 4 and 3 respectively. She was a very happy-go-lucky little girl who seemed to always be getting in trouble because she was unable to keep from sticking her nose in things.

Riabi is actually 'second-generation Starfleet', as her father worked in the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, and often had to travel for periods of time - although his main base was Trill.

When Riabi was around 2 years old, her parents told her & her siblings that they were going to have another brother named Jodra, and Riabi's first comment was to ask if she could get a puppy instead. Although, when Jodra was born, she changed her tune & the pair grew quite close.

Around the time that Riabi was five, Durom was given the oppurtunity to transfer to a more fixed duty station working on Mars at the Utopia Planitia Shipyards and accepted it, building and designing starships. Although the family would have to pack up and move to Mars, it would mean that they were together.

It took a bit of time to settle in, but Riabi found that the Martian Colonies were a wonderful place and she thrived there. She began taking a lot of interest in her father's work, and he loved showing it off - effectively giving her a pilot's bug in her and setting her off on a path in her life.

By the time she had finished school aged 18, Riabi already had her commercial pilot's license for awhile, being certified for various atmospheric craft, shuttles, starfighters and starships. She had been working for a small tourist shuttle company since she was 16 as a way to make money, flying shuttles around Mars to show off the 'Red Planet' and had loved it.

When she was old enough, Riabi applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted in on her merits & flight talents. She sorted into the Flight Control department and it wasn't long before she was selected into an all-female elite flight squadron, Valkyrie Squadron.

It was while in Valkyrie Squadron that Riabi got her callsign from her buddies after coming in too fast from a sub-orbital flight and accidentally sonic-boomed the Academy & San Francisco. A reprimand and a yelling later, she returned back to her dorm to find a naming ceremony from the Flight Control cadets where she became known as Boomer afterwards.

The all-female group of pilots became really close and she keeps in contact with them all. At this point, she had also put her name down as a possible host, and was evaluated by a field docent. Later on in her first year, she was given a thorough evaluation by the Trill Evaluation Board to become a candidate to join with a symbiont and for preparing her for life after joining.

Riabi did quite well in her studies, and halfway through her studies, she was selected for joining when a Trill symbiont, Pames, became available when its host, Vedial, became available due to illness. She took an emergency leave of absence & transferred to Trill via an Intrepid-class vessel that heading close anyway. Arriving in time, she stayed with Vedial until he was close and then the joining was done safely.

Riabi returned to the Academy after half a year to complete her studies, and after graduation with distinction, she was assigned to the USS Baton Rouge, a Defiant-class ship, where she got a lot of combat flying experience under the mentorship of an exceptional Tellarite pilot, Lieutenant Commander Frin Brenkenn.

Two years later, she left the Baton Rouge with a promotion to Lieuteuant Junior Grade and a position on the USS Pulsar, a Centaur-class destroyer. She was aboard the Pulsar for a few months before a tragic incident happened. While exploring a nebula, the Pulsar was attacked by unknown alien forces. The newly-minted Lt JG stepped up when the bridge was destroyed and she helped try to mount a defense. However, when they were boarded, Riabi was badly injured while trying to protect Engineering and had her right arm crushed.

The aliens left when a Sovereign-class vessel warped in, and the medics began trying to help save her arm. But regrettably, the injuries were too severe and to save her life, her arm had to be amputated below the shoulder.

She was transferred to an Olympic-class medical vessel, the USS Galen, along with a lot of the surviving Pulsar crew, and once she was well enough, the doctors had a talk to her about an idea - to be given an experimental cybernetic replacement arm controlled by an implanted processor. With her job, her symbiont's healing abilities and the nature of her injury, it was believed that she would be a good candidate.

Although it was scary and she knew it may not help, it was so that she could get back into flying that Riabi accepted being a guinea pig. With the great skill of the doctors and a lot of luck, the operation went superbly and Riabi has found that it is wonderful - even allowing her to connect through and mentally fly the ship if needed. With the Galen's CMO's recommendation, Riabi transferred to the Galen so that her progress could be tracked for awhile. One of the counselors bought along a Tribble for Riabi to one of her sessions as a way to help cope, and the Trill fell in love with it.

It was while aboard the USS Galen that Riabi met a beautiful female Bajoran engineer, Emja Doya, one night when she had gotten off duty and decided to go down to get a drink. In the end, they chatted for four hours and found lots of similar interests. Over the next few weeks, they had a few dates and eventually became very close lovers & got married on Bajor in Jalanda City, where Doya was born & her family lives, with Ria's family coming from Trill. They honeymooned on Risa in Suraya Bay and Galartha. Doya has come along with Riabi since then, wanting to be with the Trill pilot who she had fallen for.

Things went good & Riabi's flight skills led her to be noticed, so a year later when a new position as Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer came up on the USS Aquitaine, a Prometheus-class vessel, the Galen's Chief suggested she taked it as he knew the Andorian, Lieutenant Sivaas Th'rilnek, who ran it. She was reluctant, but Doya convinced her to do it.

Sivaas provd to be a very good mentor and one day, Sivaas called her into his office and told her about an oppurtunity that was available - a chief flight control officer role on the USS Tomcat, and that he supported her for it. So, she has moved with her wife.

* OOC App note *

In case you didn't realise it, some sections of this app have been internally split where it will help to outline some differences between the current host, Riabi, & symbiont, Pames.

* OOC Notes about Trill - Source: Memory Alpha ( *

The Trill (or Trills) are a humanoid species native to the planet Trill. A small percentage of the Trill population co-existed with a sentient symbiotic organism known as a symbiont inside their bodies. The resulting joined Trills had personalities which were a synthesis of the two beings including the memories, and to some extent the personalities, of the previous hosts of the symbiont. This way, the joined being gained all the skills and occupations of the previous hosts.

The physical process of being joined is irreversible. Once joined, the host and symbiont are dependent on each other after ninety-three hours. If the symbiont is removed from the host, symbiont and host will die within hours, even if they are otherwise healthy, unless they are reimplanted with another host or symbiont.
Service Record * Current Host (Riabi)

2380 - 2382: Cadet, Flight Control, Starfleet Academy
2382 - 2382: Leave of Abscence, Trill Symbiosis Commission, Trill
2382 - 2384: Cadet, Flight Control, Starfleet Academy
2384 - 2386: Ensign, Flight Control Officer, USS Baton Rouge
2386 - 2386: Lt JG, Flight Control Officer, USS Pulsar
2386 - 2387: Lt JG, Flight Control Officer, USS Galen
2387 - 2388: Lt JG, Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Aquitaine
2388 - pres: Lt JG, Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Tomcat