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Commander Arrenhe N’Vek

Name Arrenhe ch'Rihan N’Vek

Position Infiltration Specialist

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Arrenhe is a fit Romulan female in the prime of life, she has striking features is beautiful with an athletic build. She has no scars or tattoos.


Children None
Brother(s) H'dean 81, Aev 72, Hanaj 65
Sister(s) D'Elon 80, Shiarrael 45

Personality & Traits

General Overview Arrenhe is a member of the Tal'Shiar and as such is an expert in security and covert operation. She is willey, brave, clever and highly intelligent, she is also a master of disguise, and an expert in multiple weapons and interrogation. Basically a Romulan version of a section 31 agent. more to follow as this character develops. She is a member of the special operations division of the TAl'Shiar. Among the Tal Shiar, the Special Operations Division is known to officially handle emergency situations and serious threats to the Romulan Star Empire though unofficially it controls all operations outside the government, namely missions directed at other interstellar states. This makes it one of the more secretive branches of the Tal Shiar as many of its operations are illegal under the treaties with other governments. Its primary goal is gathering information on species that lie outside the Romulan Star Empire. As such, it has numerous agents with some being surgically altered to appear as non-Romulans. Some are perfectly capable of acting as Vulcans though this requires considerable training in order to forsake the passionate Romulan way in favor of the cold logical attitudes of the Vulcans. Beyond these approaches, its known that they use their data gathering methods to blackmail officials on other worlds in order for them to compromise their planet's security in some way or use them to gather more important information.

The information gathered by this division is used to plan military operations as its the nature of the Romulan Star Empire to test their enemies before engaging in open conflict. This means that the Special Operations Division often tests other civilizations in order to determine whether they are capable of challenging the Romulan state. They also work to destabilize threats such as the Federation/Klingon alliance which is done so through covert means such as "sleeper" agents that are created through brainwashing or undercover operations. The techniques of the Tal Shiar often aim to sow mistrust and paranoia within the Star Empire's enemies.
Strengths & Weaknesses Sort of a James Bond version of a covert operative. her mission is to subvert/enslave the populace and gather any technology master it reengineer it for Tal'Shiar purposes.
Ambitions Originally from the Capital city of Romulus hopes to one day become a Senator in her own right. Her father was a centurion in the imperial navy but was killed during the dominion war. Arrenhe seeks to restore and extend her family honor..
Hobbies & Interests Politics, subterfuge, munitions, advanced Xeno-Technology.


Personal History Once served as a sub-altern in the imperial navy. Was part of the away team that tried to commandeer the USS Promethius. As punishment for the teams failure was sent to this backwards planet on the edge of known space to subjugate the local populace and reverse enginerer whatever Borg/local technology they could find for the Romulan Star Empire..

Service Record

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