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The origins of the 95th Rifles Regiment was the 1800's AD before the Napoleonic Wars of that time, they were the first Regiment to sports Green Uniforms and thus became known as the Green Jackets. Back then they used the Baker Rifle and as time went on they were merged with other regiments and the name 95th was all but relegated to the history books and their Regimental Colours and standards were cased the 95th Rifles was also the only known 19th Century British Regiment to use the White Cord rating. Around 2388 a then Commander had an idea, shortly after she transferred to SFMC and upon making Colonel she re-christened the 95th Rifle Regiment, while currently not as big as its forebearer the revitalized 95th is building to Regimental level, currently, they are known just as the 95th Rifles, all the marines on the USS Tomcat are 95th Rifles, but as they are Captain Somers project they will leave the ship when she does.


The USS Tomcat is an Akira Class ship, with a slight difference, while its armaments and defences remain standard to some extent its evacuation capacity has been lowered to account for the extra fighter squadrons and Marines. The ship is commanded by an EX-Marine former Colonel turned Fleet Officer Captain Jasmine Somers, her missions are different from other standard missions due to the load-out and set-up of her crew and equipment.

So come join the Tomcat Crew as they head out to the less explored regions of Federation Space in an attempt to stop the Hostile and Rogue Intelligence Agencies and other undesirables on the fringes of known space.


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» Recognition

Posted on 15 May 2021 @ 1:28pm by Captain Jasmine Somers in General News


Okay here are some Mid mission shoutouts for the Science Away Team for the Phase 2 Mission Incidental Post they done and some shinies, this is after getting progress assessments from a senior trusted member of the sim and the Away Team Leader itself, so starting off I would like to give acknowledgement to the following Most of these Awards are Tomcat Site based:-

Ensign Ted Silver - Team Leader

Ensign Silver did very well on his first time leading an Away Team Mission, he proved himself a strong and active leader and a team player who led his team well and retained control of the situations and challenges by his away team members threw at him and was praised by other members of his team for his ability, Lieutenant Remington Dodd was simming two PNPCs on Ensign Silvers Away Team to offer the advice and support should it be needed as Ensign Silver was nervous about leading his first Away Mission and I am pleased to hear he has done well and I hope he has more confidence in himself after a successful Away Mission that he led.

Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir

Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir, also did very well in the Away Mission and assisted and participated with others and assisted with the events of the away mission and set herself up for further interaction benefits to the crew that was on the mission with her she also had a firm presence on the mission.

1st Lieutenant Patrick Jackson

Lieutenant Patrick Jackson despite his Real life schedule presented himself well and contributed significantly to the Away Mission and was a strong presence during it and it has been said that others on the Away Team would do a joint post with him again, should one be done.

Lt Jg Seina Donovan AS Lt Jg Racine 'Ghost' Hanson

Lieutenant Donovan did well in the Away Mission and helped to keep the action moving along when the team was on the shuttle, while her participation was limited due to her assigned duty she did well for what she had at the time and simmed her PNPC well.


Okay, the Awards for the Science Away Team is as follows three of these awards were also on the PF IFS and Awarded there, I also have them on the site and all awards will be added to those who got them by days end.

Ensign Ted Silver - DCSO

Character Development Award
Barclay Ribbon
Mission Excellence Award
Captain's Merit
Medical and Sciences Ribbon
General Operations Ribbon

Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir - DCoS

Captain's Merit
Mission Excellence
General Operations Award
Barclay Ribbon

1st Lieutenant Patrick Jackson - MCO

Mission Excellence
Barclay Ribbon
General Operations

PNPC Lt Jg Racine 'Ghost' Hanson - DCAG (PNPC of Lt Jg Serina Donovan)

General Participation Awards
Barclay Ribbon

The PNPC Character Bio cannot be given Awards so these awards will be on Lt Donovan's Bio with a note added.

Fleet Captain Jasmine Somers
Commanding Officer
USS Tomcat

» Post of the Month

Posted on 15 May 2021 @ 11:58am by Captain Jasmine Somers in Sim Announcement

Greetings All

I would like to give a shout out and a big congratulations to Ensign Ted Silver and Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir for getting the Fleets Post of the Month for April 2021 it was well deserved and I am happy for them, it shows what players can do when a post wins an award.

I have updated their Bios with shinies.

Once again congratulations to both Ensigns.

Fleet Captain Jasmine Somers
Commanding Officer
USS Tomcat

» Barclay Ribbon - OOC Award

Posted on 01 Jan 2020 @ 5:20pm by Captain Jasmine Somers in Out of Character

Greetings Tomcatians

I hope you have all had a great Christmas and new year?

Now it is the New Year 2020 it is time we got things moving again, as you all know we have a Ceremonies post going, it is Mandatory for ALL Playing Characters I know some are away till about the 10th of January 2020, but still, this award is NOT an In Character Award, it is an Out Of Character Award and this year two Simmers have earned the BARCLAY RIBBON.

The Barclay Ribbon is awarded to Simmers who have improved in their simming content since joining the USS Tomcat, so without further Ado, I am proud to announce the following simmers have earned the Barclay Ribbon which is an OOC Award are:

Lieutenant Jg Amiri Aldana ACMO/Counsellor


Lieutenant Jg Lamia Arderne Chief Operations Officer

Congratulations to both of you, I would like to see more.

Fleet Captain Jasmine Somers
Commanding Officer
USS Tomcat

» Completing 6 Month Tour of Duty

Posted on 16 Jun 2019 @ 5:33pm by Captain Jasmine Somers in Sim Announcement


As Commander of an RPG simulation, there is nothing more rewarding than handing out rewards and achievements to those who have earned them, on the USS Tomcat there are two automatic Awards given, one is for the PC Marines the other for ALL crew. This one that is to be given is for the Six Month Tour of Duty Award, which for two people are overdue the third is due on the 22nd of this month but to save seperate Announement on that day the third simmer will get his award this day along with the other two.

So without further to do I am proud to announce the following three Tomcat Officers who have survived their 6 Month Tour of Duty, they are:

Lieutenant Jg Serina Donovan - Commander Air Group

Lieutenant Jg Lamia Arderne - Chief Operations Officer

Lieutenant Jg Cody Parker - Chief of Security/Mission Advisor

Lieutenant Parker's Award is officially due on the 22nd of this month, but like his two peers his Bio will show his 6 month Award today.

Fleet Captain Jasmine Somers
Commanding Officer

» Promotion

Posted on 05 Jun 2019 @ 3:52pm by Captain Jasmine Somers in General News

From the Admiralty Captain Somers has been promoted to Fleet Captain.

Greetings Pegasus Fleet

It is with great pleasure that I announce the promotion of Captain Jasmine Somers to the rank of Fleet Captain. Somers has been serving as TFCO of TF11 for a while now, and speaking personally as CFOps it has been great to have someone who works so hard and invests a lot of time and energy into their CO's in the role. So from all of us in the Admiralty, and I'm sure the fleet, thank you for your time and dedication you put into this community and once again, congratulations.

Rear Admiral Thompson
Chief of Fleet Operations
Pegasus Fleet

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Alex decided to open a secure channel to her Cousin who should be ready to return after her duties are completed, as Alex sat at the desk she opened a secure line to Starbase 4 and asked to speak to Fleet Captain Somers, she was asked to wait and…

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Mission: S03 Ep 03 Trouble in the Sticks UXSys 659842 (Incidentals) Phase 2
Posted on 19 Jul 2021 @ 3:49pm by Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert & Captain Patrick Jackson


He arrived just a little early to Holodeck 3 in order to make sure everything was ready for when she showed up. In engineering, he was interested in a workout and he would give her one. It would be good for him as well. He was not sleeping much…

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Mission: General Sim Postings
Posted on 18 Jul 2021 @ 3:07am by Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant Commander Remington Dodd


- Officers' Lounge -

Dodd was finished with his required duties until tomorrow when he takes over officially as the new Executive Officer on the ship. But now he was going to have a drink in the lounge to celebrate the announcement.

As he sat at the bar and…

» Hot and Cold (working title)

Mission: General Sim Postings
Posted on 17 Jul 2021 @ 7:44pm by Lieutenant JG Ted Silver & Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir


- Science Lab -

Work. That’s what he needed. Work. After the recent away mission, he needed to concentrate on something else. Vaporising the atmosphere was the only way. Kill the spores before they could leave the planet below.

Thyra walked into the science lab. She tilted her head…

» The Journey Home Part 2

Mission: S03 Ep 03 Trouble in the Sticks UXSys 659842 (Main) Phase 2
Posted on 14 Jul 2021 @ 9:20pm by Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant Commander Remington Dodd & Lieutenant Matthew Thompson & Lieutenant JG Leland Hawksley & Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert & Lieutenant JG Tosrol Ze & Captain Patrick Jackson & Lieutenant JG Ted Silver & Ensign Teela Tjaansz & Petty Officer 3rd Class Ramon Machado


- Science Lab -

Ted had excepted the situation on the planet. Now it was up to Starfleet what was to be done. It was an even chance the terra-formers would be called in. But Ted wondered about the soil. It had been exposed to extreme heat. If he…

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» The worst that could happen

Posted on 08 Jul 2021 @ 2:40pm by Captain Patrick Jackson


He kept hoping that if he opened his eyes, things would be different. Every time, they were the same. He was still stuck in EVA mode, sitting in his chair and a hive of activity and voices around him, from Silver and Lee, the whole away team was there,…

» Post Mission Fishin

Posted on 15 Jun 2021 @ 5:21pm by Captain Patrick Jackson

After getting the all clear and being let out from quarantine, Patrick made his way to the Holodeck, his little tradition after a mission was done and debriefing was over. He checked the computer and confirmed it was empty. "Computer, activate Holodeck program Patrick Lake 3." A moment later a…

» Break Down

Posted on 16 Feb 2021 @ 4:36am by Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert

Nicci had been debriefed, as was protocol after a landing party, and she gave her report in her typically detailed fashion. But her heart ached the whole time for the girl they rescued.

The officer in her hoped she gave them some useful info to relay back to Starfleet, and…

» Go Go Power Rangers

Posted on 28 Dec 2020 @ 8:04pm by Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert

"Personal Log, Stardate...computer, enter the date for me. I don't have a timepiece on me," Nicci said as she was in her holodeck fantasy. She chose an old-time kid's TV show where the good guys were easy to identify and the bad guys were just bad guys. No gray. Just…

» Long and Frustrating Day

Posted on 06 Nov 2020 @ 8:18pm by Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert

Time: After meeting Winchester in the holodeck.

Nicci got back to her quarters, and was greeted by her two cats, two little Maine Coons / Ragdolls she picked up back on Earth. They grunted a little as they landed, a cute little cat noise of exertion, before mewing a…