S02 Ep05: The Avian Flew the Cukoo's Nest (Main Story)

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Mission Info

Status Current Mission
Description The Tomcat is assigned to explore a planet that once housed a colony of the Xindi Avian Species due to some abnormal readings coming from the planet. What happens is an away team consisting of Dodd, Donovan. and at least five others (a member of the archeology team, a member of the geological team, a member of the Intelligence team, another engineer - Tjaansz, and maybe a member of security) are on the surface and somehow fall into a rupture in time and are suddenly stuck in the past of the planet and become prisoners of the Avian Xindi. And thus have to figure out how to get back home to the correct moment in time as to not disrupt history and start a war. The Mission was created by Lieutenant Remington Dodd Chief Engineer on the USS Tomcat
Mission Group Season 2 Episode 5: The Avian Flew the Cukoo's Nest (Main Story)
Start Date 01 May 2018 @ 2:41pm

Mission Summary

While docked back at Starbase 51 after their alternate reality mission, Starfleet detects some abnormal activity in a part of the Xindi Sector, which had been abandoned by the species. It turns out the planet in question was once inhabited by the Xindi Species and so the Tomcat is tasked with investigating this abnormal activity and after arriving send down an away team of Dodd, Donovan as the lead and advising officers respectively. When on the planet the team finally discovers some ruins of what seemed to have once been an important building and it still had some active technology which was the readings detected by Starfleet's long-range sensors in the sector, as the team goes about its tasks and examining the extremely old technology. As Dodd and Donovan are discussing how to go about things, a time rift opens up causing the doorway to collapse trapping the team inside and the time rift sucks the away team into it.

The Tomcat picking up these readings and finds that they cannot detect the Away team and multiple failed attempts to contact them receive only static. Suddenly the sensors detect a Time anomaly for a brief moment before it vanishes, giving them an idea of what happened to the away team led by Lieutenant Dodd. The Away Team when in the past have to remember the newly created Temporal Prime Directive and try not to interfere with time, but like all best intentions they go astray when they are all taken captive. In the Past, the Avian's are a thriving species and the away Team find out that they are 3000 years in the past and work on a way to get word to the Tomcat in the future to come get them. So Lieutenant Dodd figured out that if they set up a Commbadge and a Padd one an intermittent S.O.S signal then it should reach the Tomcat in the future, they use what they had on hand and program in some of their DNA and that of the crewmember who sacrificed themselves to plant the beacon in a safe spot.

Eventually, the Young Q makes himself known to the crew of the Tomcat and taunts them on how feeble their attempts are and eventually the young crew brings the away team back explaining that he was experimenting with Federation History and wanted to have some fun with the away team.