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The origins of the 95th Rifles Regiment was the 1800's AD before the Napoleonic Wars of that time, they were the first Regiment to sports Green Uniforms and thus became known as the Green Jackets. Back then they used the Baker Rifle and as time went on they were merged with other regiments and the name 95th was all but relegated to the history books and their Regimental Colours and standards were cased the 95th Rifles was also the only known 19th Century British Regiment to use the White Cord rating. Around 2388 a then Commander had an idea, shortly after she transferred to SFMC and upon making Colonel she re-christened the 95th Rifle Regiment, while currently not as big as its forebearer the revitalized 95th is building to Regimental level, currently they are known just as the 95th Rifles, all the marines on the USS Tomcat are 95th Rifles, but as they are Captain Somers project they will leave the ship when she does.

Currently the Rifles are in larger number than Fleet Officers as the Tomcat initially started out as a Marine Sub-type/Fleet Support light Carrier, the marine onboard number 125, 24 of these are Bravo Unit and are all Chosen Men as they wear the White Cord of Courage, Bravo Unit is hand-picked and is the Captain's personal bodyguard when not doing other duties. The other 101 are Alpha Unit while 95th they are regular troops.

The USS Tomcat is an Akira Class ship, with a slight difference, while its armaments and defences remain standard to some extent its evacuation capacity has been lowered to account for the extra fighter squadrons and Marines. The ship is commanded by an EX-Marine former Colonel turned Fleet Officer Captain Jasmine Somers, her missions are different from other standard missions due to the load-out and set-up of her crew and equipment.

So come join the Tomcat Crew as they head out to the less explored regions of Federation Space in attempt to stop the Hostile and Rogue Intelligence Agencies and other undesirables on the fringes of known space.


Latest News Items

» Awards Pt 2

Posted on 15 Jan 2018 @ 2:38pm by Captain Jasmine Somers in General News

Another Announcement

As the Tomcat was initially a marine commanded ship of the 95th Rifles there were some unique ribbons and badges found ONLY on the Tomcat sim so these awards will be solely Tomcat sim based and if any of the crew who gained some while serving on her posted to another ship, they would need to get their new COS permission to display them on their chars Wiki Bio or mention it in their "Awards".

While the Tomcat is no longer commanded by Marines some of the ribbons have remained and one of those is the 95th Ribbon this is awarded to those who have done 6 months on the Tomcat. Most of those who have the 1 year or 5-year service award has already had this award added to their site character bios. Looking through the records again there are two members who just today got their 1-year service. This Ribbon should have been awarded to them upon their 6 months service.

AS before said Ribbon has been added to their character bios.

So better late than never the recipients of the 95th Ribbon award for a six-month service to the USS Tomcat are:-

Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Lt. Jg Nicole Taggert

Congratulations and apologies for late delivery.

Captain Jasmine Somers
Commanding Officer
USS Tomcat

» Awards

Posted on 15 Jan 2018 @ 2:23pm by Captain Jasmine Somers in General News

Greetings All

While most awards have to be earned, there are some awards i.e. Time served awards that are given out at landmark events, today like all ships Captain I am pleased to announce the following three members of the Tomcat crew have been with the sim for over 1 year and there is a 1yr, 5 yr and 10 yr award for being with a sim.

So getting the 1 Year Service award on the USS Tomcat are as follows:

Lieutenant Remington Dodd Chief Engineer
Lieutenant Solan Jekkar Chief of Security/Tactical Officer
Lieutenant Jg Nicole Taggert Deputy Chief Engineer

Congratulations to all three on surviving 1 year on the Tomcat, their site bios will be updated with these new awards.

Captain Jasmine Somers
Commanding Officer
USS Tomcat

» Tomcat OOC Awards

Posted on 07 Jun 2017 @ 3:53pm by Captain Jasmine Somers in Out of Character

The OOC Awards open for Season 2 Episode 3 Once More Unto the Breach Mission are as follows, Mission Excellence Award General Participation, Barclay Ribbon and the Orion Combat Ribbon. All other awards will be done IC'ly.


It is my pleasure to announce that the recipients of the Mission Excellence Award are: Commander Maia Sterling, Lieutenant Jg Remington Dodd, this award is given to those simmers who have excelled in the current mission, Well Done both.


It is my pleasure to announce the recipients of the General Participation Award are: Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws, Lieutenant Jg Solan Jekkar, Lieutenant Jg Riabi Pames and Ensign Nicole Taggert, the award is given to those who contributed a lengthy amount of posting to any given mission; Well Done all.


It is my pleasure to announce the recipients of the Barclay Ribbon are: Lieutenant Alexanderia Cahill, Lieutenant Jg Iria Walon and Riabi Pames and Ensign K'Muss. This award is given to those who have shown improvement in their simming since joining the Tomcat; Well Done all.


It is my pleasure to announce the recipients of the Orion Combat Ribbon are: All ships crew as we all took part in the current mission where Orion forces were numerous in number and who we met in combat.

That is all the OOC Awards for this mission, well done to those who got the OOC Awards, they are to show that your work and participation is appreciated and for recognition.

ALL OOC Awards will be added to your bios by myself.

Again Well done all, you have earned these awards.

Captain Jasmine Somers
Commanding Officer

» Simmer of the Month Award

Posted on 01 Jun 2017 @ 3:45pm by Captain Jasmine Somers in Sim Announcement

Greetings All

I would like to announce that the Tomcat has it's first Simmer of the Month Award given, it is for the Solo post done by Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws TITLED: Quick Raid of a Derelict an incidental post for the S2 Ep3 Mission. I have also put this sim in as the ships nomination for the Pegasus Fleet Sim of the Month Award, even if the PF do not grant the award, the ship based SotM Award will be on the Commanders character Bio after this News Item goes live.

So I am proud to announce that for the month of May 2017 the Sim of the Month Award for the Tomcat goes to Lt. Cmdr Sheela Swiftpaws, please join me in congratulating her on this accomplishment (in the OOC Discussion for the crew).

Congratulations Commander Swiftpaws, you are the Simmer of the Month on the USS Tomcat.

Captain Jasmine Somers
Commanding Officer
USS Tomcat

» Appointment of 2XO

Posted on 16 Jan 2017 @ 11:04pm by Captain Jasmine Somers in General News

I am proud to announce that Lieutenant Commander Swiftpaws has accepted my offer to become the Tomcats Second Officer as of a short time ago. I know that when Commander Sheela has had time to settle into her new position, she will do well, so please @Tomcat Crew congratulate Commander Swiftpaws.

Captain Jasmine Somers
Commanding Officer
USS Tomcat

Latest Mission Posts

» Humanitarian Relief

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Posted on 23 Feb 2018 @ 9:01am by Lieutenant JG shakram Coro & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill

Dr Cahill had her team together, Along with LTjg Coro as her pilot. She had Petty officer Davis and also Chief Petty Johnson from security.

Davis was an excellent engineering NCO and she had hopes he would apply for officers training. She was the last to load up as she…

» Giving the Information Part 2

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Posted on 21 Feb 2018 @ 2:50pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester


- Ready Room -

As all three entered the Captain's Ready Room and she offered them a seat and took one herself, looking at the "okay, what is it people?" she asked.

Paul handed over the PADD that he had used before his talk with Major Donovan including the…

» Escape on the Freighter Part 2

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Posted on 19 Feb 2018 @ 4:28pm by Commander Maia Sterling & Captain Jasmine Somers & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon

OOC: The freighter is the Merchantman class. Nicci and the others tagged on the post are escaping Terok Nor, where they've been genetically altered by the Orions to serve at the pleasure of the various species on Terok Nor. Some serve drinks, some dance, some serve menial labour and more…

» Winchester; Meet Your New Alternative Therapy Therapists

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Posted on 18 Feb 2018 @ 11:45pm by Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester & Lieutenant JG Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D.

The Kazarite and hir pair of companions had not long ago left sickbay after their meeting with the CMO in her office. They had all decided to take a short walk, so they were taking the long way along their way to their meeting with the CO. The triad were…

» Escape on the Freighter Part 1

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Posted on 18 Feb 2018 @ 6:20pm by Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Ensign Angelica Wright & Ensign Doya Emja & 2nd Lieutenant Jennifer Goodwin & Petty Officer 3rd Class Kara Pril & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon & Ensign Teela Tjaansz


The ship was dark and crowded and hadn't been kept up for years. Before The Fall, it was called a Merchantman by some, or a Class J Freighter by others. It had 3 decks and was originally only designed for warp 2.9 at the fastest. That wouldn't do.


Latest Personal Logs

» On the Shuttle

Posted on 13 Feb 2018 @ 4:53pm by Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert

"Personal Log, Lt Nicci Taggert recording," she said as she walked back from the cockpit, having launched from the Tomcat successfully. "Stardate...doesn't really matter in this alternate universe. There's probably no Federation Galactic Timekeeping Service here anymore. The computer can synch up the time for me."

She walked over to…

» Childish team

Posted on 08 Feb 2018 @ 4:07pm by Lieutenant JG Iria Walon

"Computer begin log." Iria's voice sounded slightly muffled as she spoke.

The chirp sounded and Iria started with her log.

"So Tamara, Jorie, Samuel, and Rhett had a very loud disagreement complete with raised voices hands gesturing, in MY office. Which is a mess, I certainly didn't leave it that…

» being grounded

Posted on 27 Jan 2018 @ 12:27am by Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester

Personal log of Paul Winchester

Begin Log

(Paul looks at the viewer) "Today I was informed by the captain that I am to be grounded for good due to the hand /eye coordination of my new artifical arm that was fitted by Doctor Cahill who by the way I do…

» Visiting time

Posted on 21 Jan 2018 @ 11:54am by Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester

"Personal log of Lieutenant Paul Winchester, begin recording

Today I had four visitors who came to see if I was alright, my first visitor was Ensign Lauren Jordan my Adie de camp who looked as if she hadn't slept in twelve hours, *he paused*. My second and third visitors were…

» New arm

Posted on 18 Jan 2018 @ 10:33am by Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester

Personal log of Lieutenant Paul Winchester

Begin recording:

due to being in a alternate universe my fighter squadron and I were sent to investigate a stricken freighter, whilst we were doing our scans of the stricken vessel everything was going fine, that was until we were jumped by another set…